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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Only 3 Days!!!

With three days left before the season kicks off today's post will deal with the bowling ball/unstoppable force at the goal line, Kevin Grady. He enters Michigan as one of the top RB's in the nation. He was so good he graduated high school early and attended Michigan starting 2nd semester last year so he could get his head start on playing time this year. It has worked, he has done nothing but impress his teammates and coaches and it has been reported that he has yet to be stopped at the goal line. He is the clear cut #2 back behind Mike Hart and will get his share of carries this weekend. I cannot wait to see him in action, his high school clips were impressive but we'll wait to see him on the big stage.

Tim Jamison is out for the NIU game, hopefully will be back for ND. Hopefully it is nothing serious that lingers throughout the course of the year. I doubt I will see what I want to see from the D this week since NIU has a strong rushing attack with Harris and Wolfe and I doubt they will try to pass much. The strength of their team is running the ball and I'd like to see the secondary tested but we'll have to wait to see that. I'm dying of anticipation for the kickoff of this year and how we will play. It was noted that the last 6 or 7 times we have been preseason top 5 we failed to finish the season that high and hopefully we can break that streak this year.

Also the highly anticipated 2nd album of Kanye West dropped yesterday. Great album. Although not quite the classic his first album was, it is still a high quality album that should be bought. Starts with good track with some guy from some rock band, forgot who it was but it sounds pretty good, then there's "Touch the Sky" feat Lupe Fiasco which is a hot track, I love the brass section in the beat. Then there's "Gold Digger" which is a pretty good song except the fact that the radio has played it out. Two tracks later is one of my two favorite songs on the album "Drive Slow" which features Paul Wall. It's a slower beat that gets your head noddin and I can't explain it but I just like Paul Wall's flow, not sure if its the accent and all but he flows pretty well IMO. "Crack Music" with the Game is a weak track but the next one "Roses" is my other favorite track on the album. Gotta love the line "...Have you done the research? / The nurse askin me can I sign some T-Shirts? / Bitch are you smokin reefer?" All in all a solid 4/5 album, its tough to duplicate the success of his first album and he does a good job in avoiding the sophomore slump.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Gettin close

After a long week of work got to unwind a bit on Saturday after my 1/2 day at work. Ended up heading down to the Yard House in Long Beach to meet up with two of my friends from Michigan, Domski and Gladney, and rolled down there with our usual crew. Was a good time drinking great beer and discussing Michigan this upcoming year, except for the fact we got stuck in a shitty section with the two worst waitress/er ever. The first waitress would bring us our bill before we even got our drinks saying something about after 9 its closing out per order and not even giving us the option to leave a card to leave the tab open until I mentioned that to her. Then we got stuck with Don, who took forever and tried to not serve me a half-yard of Sam Adams Summer Ale because he said after midnight they don't serve them except for the fact it was only 11:45. To top it off he took over 20-30 mins to bring us our check. He literally checked up on every other table he had in his section twice before he came back to us and deservedly so he got no tip.

With football around the corner, only 5 days left here's my projections for wins and losses this year for Michigan.

Northern Illinois - W , Opening Game vs MAC opponent should be the typical win by 20+

Notre Dame - W, Charlie Weis era begins but not in AA with a team that will be overmatched

Eastern Michigan - W, Great offensive weapons in Deslauriers and Sherrell but not much else

@ Wisconsin - W, sure it's a night game at Camp Randall but Wisconsin has lost a ton this year and I don't think they can compete with us right now.

@ Michigan State - must see the team before I can make a decision here.

Minnesota - W, they had their chances the past two years but failed, the jug will still be in AA for another year

Penn State - W, Joe Pa has gotten some playmakers in Williams and King and a solid D but not quite back to what they used to be yet.

@ Iowa - same as Michigan State, I must see this team in action before I can make a decision

@ Northwestern- W, can't see them competing this year

Indiana - W, no explanation necessary

Ohio State - W, yes our D is somewhat suspect but OSU still has yet to prove they can do anything on offense with Tressel at the helm. Ginn is a playmaker and Holmes can do some damage but one of the RB's needs to step up and I'll take the homefield in this game along with the fact that Carr knows he must win this one otherwise Tressel will be 4-1 vs Carr and it starts looking like the reverse of Cooper.

So I've got us with 9 wins and 2 ?'s. I can see us winning both those games but I can just as easy see us lose those two games because of how we have performed year in and year out as we lose a game that we shouldn't. If Stripling has made us that much better up front and we can slow down these mobile QB's that seem to run all over us then I don't see much of a problem at State but until I see that, I'm leaning towards a L in East Lansing, as usual. Iowa is a much tougher call, they do have a lot of questions as well but it is difficult to win in Iowa which is a much further trip than East Lansing. If Iowa finds a half decent RB to work with they should be able to keep us off balance enough to win. However their entire DL is new this year so it does give me some hope. But I am also leaning towards this one as a L. If I had to definitively make a prediction now I'd say we'll be going 9-2, 6-2 in conference, keeping alive the New Years Day Bowl streak in Orlando or Tampa. Hopefully I will be proven wrong but with all the ?'s on D, until I see some improvement I can't honestly pick us to go 11-0 as some people are. I'd love to be proven wrong but with the way this coaching staff has shown itself to me in the years that I have followed Michigan, I don't see it happening.

With 5 days to go here's a man that must step up for me to be, hopefully, proven wrong. Charles Stewart a CB who has been practicing very well this summer and is making a push for the #2 CB spot opposite Leon Hall must step up so we can have some sort of depth at CB along with Grant Mason.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Moved to the warehouse this week so after over a year of working as a customs broker and 14 months to finally get my customs broker license I'm now in the warehouse. It's interesting work but I came right at the end of the month which is really busy meaning I gotta stay at work late and even on weekends, I am starting to understand what Davin feels but its shit I gotta do and I understand. As long as I get my football games I have to go to in I don't mind.

Speaking of which I luckily scored 4 tickets to the Ohio State game yesterday. For some reason mgoblue.com sold a batch yesterday, although they were all singles, it gets you in and that's what matters, you can move around when you get there. Now I just need my single ticket for Notre Dame, Benson better come through. Football season is now only 9 days away til we kickoff versus the Northern Illinois Huskies. Jake Long is out pretty much for the year as he's torn some ligaments in his ankle, although it is a big loss, we do have a lot of depth and experience at the OL so I'm not as worried. The worrying part is from the defensive backfield as some of these kids are going to have to step up. Hopefully the DL will play up to their abilities to take some pressure off the secondary.

Still waiting on some Lakers news, a trade is supposed to go down soon, probably not a big name as most would like but hopefully something to just improve the team. The latest I read about was Lorenzen Wright, which would make sense. Memphis needs cap room, he has asked to be moved and the Lakers could use another big man. If you might recall he actually had a deal in place to become a Lakers a few years back when he was still with the Clippers but once the Clippers found out he was going to sign with the Lakers they shipped him in a sign and trade to Atlanta.

Got nothing much to look forward to this weekend, since the month end I'm gonna have to be working late every day for the rest of the month pretty much, including this coming Saturday. But next week is a 3 day weekend with the kickoff of football followed by my trip back to Ann Arbor for the ND game so just get through this weekend and I'll be good to go.

Would love to hear comments about my preseason top 15 poll if anyone has them, although I know of my hits over 90% come from when I wrote about the Game's 300 bars and runnin.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Preseason Poll

Finally gotten some time so here's my preseason top 15 poll for College Football this year with some notes.

1. USC - What more is there to say, although I can't stand their fake ass fans which comprise of 99% of their fan base, what other school in the country could win 2 MNC's in a row and not sell out all their games? It's pitiful. Other than that, there is nothing I can say about the product on the field. Leinart is back with all the WR's at his disposal Jarrett, Smith and the addition of the #2 WR in the country Patrick Turner he will have plenty of weapons at his disposal and I have yet to talk about Reggie Bush, one of the biggest matchup problems in all of college football, he must be accounted for at all times. Lendale White is also back so the running game will not have a problem either. The main question is on Defense as they lose a lot on that side of the ball and we will see how much the exodus of assistants Orgeron and Chow will have an effect on the team.

2. Texas - I really don't know who else I could put at #2 so I guess I'll go with the Longhorns. They return a very dangerous Vince Young, who if he learned how to pass could be unbelievable, but I doubt that happened. Cedric Benson must be replaced but Romance Taylor will be there along with the countless studs from Texas they can keep in state and on their squad. Although they are Oklahoma's bitch I can see them actually pulling the game off this year considering all the questions that the Sooners have surrounding their team. They are confident after the Rose Bowl victory last year and we will see them try to make their statement on Sep 10th in the Horseshoe against those Buckeyes.

3. Virginia Tech - I think I'm higher on the Hokies than most but they have a great deal of talent on both sides of the ball and if Marcus Vick can finally get his shit together this team will be very tough to deal with. The defense is stacked and we know what Frank Beamer can do with a good defense and a Vick at QB.

4. LSU - Les Miles jumps into a great situation down in Baton Rouge, with talent all over the place, he just needs to find out who will be playing QB for him. Will it be Jamarcus Russell who played last year, or will Ryan Perrilloux the new Big Time QB entering this year take over the job. The talent on offense rivals that of USC and Michigan, and the D will be stacked as well.

5. Miami - The Defense is just so good, if we knew how Kyle Wright will perform as the starter I could bump them up a notch or two but we'll keep them at here for now. Devin Hester is an unbelievable returner and they can give him the ball some on offense as well to win a game or two that they shouldn't. Would love to see a race between Hester and Ginn, although I think Ginn wins in the straight away speed category.

6. Tennessee - Not as high on Tennessee as others but Ainge and Riggs are back to lead the O along with the D that was a very solid unit as well. If Fulmer could keep these kids on the field and out of jail it could be a very tough team to beat.

7. Michigan - My Wolverines fall into #7, lower than others but I do have my doubts on defense with all the problems in the secondary. I have no worries about an offense that returns 4 of 5 O Linemen along with Henne and Hart and Grady and Martin, not to mention the firepower at WR with Breaston, Avant, Manningham, Arrington, Bass and Tabb. However the defense with problems at S and CB do worry me, if we can get that figured out we will have a great shot at a 3rd straight trip to Pasadena.

8. Florida - Urban Meyer will add a win or two that Zook blew every year and he left the cupboard so packed that I believe Meyer has a chance at the NC this year. Although the schedule is extremely brutal, it can be done, Auburn did it last year and this Florida team has the horses to take it through the schedule.

9. Ohio State - The Buckeyes will have a great D as is the norm with Tressel at the helm. One of the best gamebreakers in the game in Ted Ginn is back and he didn't get nearly as many touches as he will this year. The problem is who will run the ball, can Maurice Wells step in and become this years Mike Hart or will Eric Haw or one of the other returners step up? Santonio Holmes will have to be accounted for as well so if Troy Smith can be the Troy Smith of the end of the regular season they can make a run as well. What if Zwick plays well in the opener will there be another QB controversy? Only Iowa has a better stable of LB's on their team and it will be tough to get points on them, we will see how they can stop Vince Young and the Longhorns on Sep 10th.

10. Iowa - The Hawkeyes will be an extremely tough test this year as Drew Tate is back along with the best LB corps in the country with Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge. Considering they did what they did last year with a 5th string walk on RB, we'll see what they can do with a kid they actually recruited. Clinton Solomon and Ed Hinkel make a solid starting duo at WR and the schedule sets up pretty well for them as Michigan must make the trip to Kinnick this year.

11. Oklahoma - Although they do return the best freshman in the country in Adrian Peterson from last year there are a lot of question marks there as their starting WR's have graduated as has their 10 year veteran Jason White. Who will grab the starting QB job and how will the killing at the Orange Bowl affect their confidence? With Texas looking as strong as they do it will be a tough test in the Red River Shootout this year.

12. Louisville - Brian Brohm, Michael Bush and co head to the Big East as they look to be the favorites in their new conference. Most return from this team that should have beat Miami in the Orange Bowl and will play in the much weaker Big East. Look for them to go undefeated or at least lock up the BCS bid that goes to the Big East champion.

13. Texas A&M - My sleeper pick to run the table and make it to Pasadena, a team loaded on offense with Courtney Lewis at RB and Reggie McNeal, the best dual-threat QB in the country considering he can actually pass. The Defense is stacked as I believe I read that all starters are returning and a schedule that can be ran the whole way, the Aggies could be smelling Roses this year.

14. Florida St - The loss of Wyatt Sexton is huge as, although he wasn't great, he was experienced and we will see how Xavier Lee, or whoever wins the starting job deals with it when the Noles have to start the season with the Hurricanes on Labor Day.

15. Georgia - Has been consistently very good the past few years but just lose too much to contend for an NC this year. Gone from the O are David Greene, the all time winningest QB in SEC history along with his two starting WR's Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown. DJ Shockley finally gets his chance to show what he can do but he hasn't shown much in the times he's been able to play. The D loses studs David Pollack, Odell Thurman and Thomas Davis, which is too much to overcome this year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Vegas stinks

Had a good time at Vegas except for the fact that I could never get any run going together so I ended up losing a decent amount. Still was very fun though as I got pretty drunk both nights and had fun gambling. But I realized I hate Blackjack and I will never play that game again. I drank enough and was peer pressured into going to a club which was pretty nice but that just ain't my scene. Saw Fat Ass Shaq there, that lazy son of a bitch. And as always the traffic on the way home sucked but all in all it was a pretty good trip, need to recover financially for a bit and then hope to go again soon.

The Lakers signed Aaron McKie and I think it's a better fit for us than Derek Anderson. The team offered both McKie and DA 2 years and $5 million and said take it or leave it to whoever wanted it first and McKie jumped on it. It will be better for the locker room to have a more veteran presence. We're still waiting on some more moves from the Lakers as there has to be something else coming because the team as it is, although somewhat improved isn't that much better than last year's squad. Rumors floating around about Eddy Curry, Jalen Rose, who knows, I just want some move to be made to improve the team.

Michigan had an open practice on Friday and the season is only 11 days away now. I'm very encouraged to hear about Charles Stewart playing very well but am worried about the move of Brandon Harrison to Safety. With his lack of height it could be a good move but to take our highest rated CB recruit and move him to safety, I wonder what is up. There have also been some good reports about Johnny Sears so maybe that had something to do with it but we will have to wait and see. Ryan Mundy who is supposed to be one of our starters at S is banged up and the troubling thing there is a chance it could be more than just a few days. With the lack of depth at S, we cannot afford that hit. More great news comes from the reports that Kevin Grady is playing extremely well and will be pushing for more time. Even Ivan Maisel in his chat said Grady would be the reason why Mike Hart will not have a chance to win the Heisman, can't forget Max Martin as well, I cannot wait to see this backfield in action.

Finally Happy Birthday shout out to Kobe, he turns 27 today, hittin right into his prime, the title that he leads the Lakers to without Shaq will be the sweetest one and I can't wait to see it rubbed in Shaq's face, he's too old and will not win another title before he retires. Dwyane is going to start tearing it up even more and Shaq will start complaining as he must be the center of attention like a big baby. Just like it happened in Orlando with Penny and LA with Kobe, the same thing will happen with D Wade and he's gonna go pout and cry like a little bitch since he's such an attention whore and can't stand it when other people shine brighter than him.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Only 15 Days Left and Vegas this weekend!!!

As we continue the countdown to kickoff this year, we are at 15 days which means its Steve Breaston day. One of the most electrifying players you will ever see in your lifetime, he was hampered with injuries most of last year but showed what he is capable of during the Rose Bowl. He can take the simple 5 yard pass into a 50 yard gain so he will bring a different type of game to the table. Braylon will be missed with his jump balls but Steve will make some plays that will make you say how the hell did he do that? Much like the PR for a TD against Illinois two years ago. Here's one of my favorite pictures of him, I just wish it was bigger, from the 38-0 drubbing of ND a couple years ago.

I was hoping to have a chance for my top 15 today with 15 days to go but work is very busy right now so I don't think I'll be able to get to it. However it should be up soon since the season is around the corner so I can see how right or more likely wrong I am about the season.
Leaving for Vegas tonight for the weekend, time to get it on and poppin!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Drinking Weekend

Friday night after work my parents wanted to celebrate my officially getting my customs broker license so we had a nice dinner at home with drinking a new bottle of Johnnie Walker Green, which is aged 15 years so right between the Black and the Gold. A very good drink, nice and smooth and I drank a lot of it. As we were nearing the end of dinner Steven's friends started showing up so they all started drinking with us and then we went and bought some more drinks and had more people show up later. I ended up passing out pretty early at like 1 or so.

Saturday didn't do much except play video games until the late afternoon when I had to get my weekend workout in, which I haven't been doing lately but I need to consistently start doing again. Played a bunch of Madden Rushing Attack which is really fun to play. Especially when I won 18 times in a row with LaDainian Tomlinson, sorry Chandler and then people started showing up and started drinking some Ketel One and watching Jay-Z's Fade to Black. For hip-hop fans its a definite must have DVD, it shows his last concert at MSG along with clips of him in the studio actually making the album with the producers and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into making a record.

Woke up early on Sunday for our Fantasy Football Draft. With 14 teams this year it will be a much tougher road to the championship but it will definitely be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I got the #5 pick, right in no mans land if you're not 1 or 2 this year you might as well be at the lower end of the draft and at 5 went the safe route and took the Edge, Edgerrin James. Afterwards we got some BBQ stuff and started grilling. Then we played some poker for a while for a couple hours before everyone went home. A good weekend with a lot of fun with my friends who I don't see very often anymore and Fantasy Football Draft weekend is the only thing that brings everyone together in one place.

Gonna hit the gym hard this week since I'm going to have to make up for this upcoming weekend in Vegas. Hopefully it can be as successful if not more than last trip. Only 18 days left until kick off so with that I'll leave you with the new #18 Antonio Bass. An incoming true freshman Antonio was a 4 star recruit who was a QB in HS but will become a WR in college. Coach Carr was upfront with him since the beginning about bringing him in as a WR and he believed in him, the other schools who were trying to get him to come in as a QB and then move him to WR once he was in the program. Much like James Banks who we were recruiting years ago and Tennesee took him in and later converted him to a WR after promising him time as a QB. Enough of the rant, here he is part of the 3 new WR's that have joined the program and will carry on the legacy of the WR at the University of Michigan, Antonio Bass...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally it's here!!!

Finally, after a year and two months my Customs Broker License has been processed. I am now an officially Licensed Customs Broker. It's funny how my license has come through now that I am being moved to the warehouse. Only one more week here as a Customs Broker before I am transferred. I am looking forward to the change of new challenge but at the same time am dreading the additional work that will have to be done but it's something I must do to learn the rest of the company.

Definitely looking forward to the weekend as Fantasy Football is here, our old school league that I started with my friends in High School before the internet where the commissioner had to add up the stats by hand from the LA Times box scores has evolved now into a 14 team league with a trophy and all automated stats, crazy to see how far Fantasy Sports has come since we started playing. Also probably have a BBQ or two so it'll be a great time, just need to make sure I get at least one workout in on the weekend.

Welcome DeShawn!!!

The long awaited first domino of the big three of Michigan High School Basketball players has dropped now that DeShawn Sims, aka Petey due to his resemblance of Petey Pablo, has finally committed to Michigan after having us as his leader for the entire process. This is a huge get for Tommy and co as he is the #39 player in the country and one of the top in the state showing that we are making our way back in the state of Michigan which produces some of the finest HS basketball talent in the country. Hopefully Tory Jackson and Tom Herzog follow suit soon but I don't have a good feeling about Herzog. I believe Jackson will be Maize and Blue in the end however, so we do need to fill a big man spot. If not Herzog there is Ekpe Udoh who was high on us and is close to pulling the trigger, but I am not sure if he has an offer at this point.

Michigan Football is now only 22 days away from kickoff and this basketball commitment has only gotten me more excited as some football recruits will be ready to pull the trigger soon. Taylor Mays and Myron Rolle are both expected to announce soon and we will see how these turn out. Since we have Steve Brown at FS I'd love to see both come along because Mays is more of a SS and Rolle can play S or CB, we will see where the coaches would want him if we are fortunate enough to land him. However I don't think we get Mays, I believe he will end up going to U$C but that would help us in the pursuit of Antwine Perez another highly regarded SS who is down to Michigan, LSU and U$C. All the recruiting talk gets me to think of the new recruits I'm excited to see this year. Obviously Kevin Grady is at the top of the list considering he is the first early enrollee at Michigan ever and practiced with the team during the Rose Bowl. Also Mario Manningham and Antonio Bass will probably play as true freshmen and my prediction is Mario will be the 3rd WR by the end of the year. Also we need the new freshmen CB's to step up as there have been good reports about Brandon Harrison and Johnny Sears this summer. We need some of these kids to step up for us to make it back to the promised land. Hopefully this is the year, 3rd times a charm!

Only 22 days until then...GO BLUE!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Only 24 Days Left

Not too much longer, the greatest helmet in all of sports...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Typical Weekend

Nothing new to report, just the usual, not too productive but fun weekend. Friday night had our company dinner where I didn't drink as much as usual but ate a ton of food. Saturday woke up and had to take a guest around LA's tourist stuff and later came home to go to Yardhouse with BJ, Dennis and Earl. Had a bunch of great beers and came home to drink some more while watching a new DVD I had gotten, Scratch the live tour, which showed a concert that some of the best DJ's around did in LA a while back including Z-Trip, Mix Master Mike and the Xcutioners, or however you spell it.

Sunday was a big BBQ as we broke in the new Grill and Firepit, ate a bunch of great food and drank quite a bit as well. Watched Entourage as is the tradition on Sundays now and passed out early. Only two weeks left until I move departments which will mean longer hours and weekends, as long as it doesn't interfere with football its ok but we'll see. One Fantasy Football league will be drafting this weekend. I've already started two online, one college, one pro. With the popularity of Fantasy Football now and college football gaining popularity as well I think it's only a matter of time before College Fantasy Football starts getting big as well.

With Football right around the corner I'm going to try to get my preseason top 10-20 up soon since it'll be documented this year on this blog we'll see how right, or wrong I am about my projections. One being that U$C will not go undefeated this year and will not win the National Championship. With the new coaches along with their losses on defense I see one, maybe two losses on the schedule as they've had everything go their way for them the past two years. As everyone is pointing at the Cal game, I don't think they will lose there, Cal loses a lot on D so I believe the toughest tests for the trojans will be at Oregon, at Arizona State and also the home game vs Fresno State, although I read somewhere that Pete Carroll has yet to lose a game past November 1st since he became head coach.

No moves on the Laker front and I think it's because they're working on something and don't want anything to leak out, hopefully I'm right because so far this offseason has been all speculation and no action except for the Kwame Brown deal. With Phil coming back it has made everyone excited about Laker basketball again and I believe with another signing or trade we can be competitive in the West. Definitely not this year but in the next couple years you will see the Forum Blue and Gold bringing home another title and that title would be the sweetest for Kobe to shut all the haters up about how he can't win without Fat Ass Shaq. Shaq is no longer the dominant force that he once was and he is starting to break down as can be seen from last year, he is not getting any younger, is not showing up into camp in shape so he will continue to become worse and worse as the years go on. I think he's only got a few more good years before he completely falls off and Miami will be wishing they never signed him to that extension in years 4 and 5, if not earlier.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Great Weekend and one busy week

Been too damn busy to update this week but I finally get a chance to now. Let's start with Friday where nothing went on just went to the gym and hit up HG for a couple hours before I crashed early since I had to take my parents to the airport in the morning. Took care of that on Saturday along with some other errands before I started getting the shit together for Saturday night. I guess I made the jello shots too strong but it was my first time so it's all good. Had a good turnout and nothing too crazy went down so it was a good time had by all. The surprising thing was the keg was tapped by 1130 so I had to go and get another 2 cases and those were gone within another hour or two, so then someone else went out and got even more beers which were all finished. That doesn't even include the handles that were inside the house as well.

The keg of Rolling Rock was extremely good and I can't wait until the next time we can have another one. Star of the night goes to Ki Hyun for trying to protect the beers once I brought the cases back because kids were grabbing them left and right by carding them only to have someone else ask for her ID. Then to get people to start to leave so we could have a smaller group to karoake she started telling everyone the cops were coming so most people cleared out and we sang our hearts out. Of course had to start off with Dennis "Iwonjusobad" Yoon with his rendition of Livin on a Prayer, for those of y'all that have never seen it you are missing out on a performance. This started at about 2 or so and I tried to keep up but was just too drunk/tired and I crashed at around 330-4, but that didn't stop the rest of them as I was told it went until about 6 in the morning. Also some other funny stuff that went down, if y'all were there you know what I'm talkin about. Another great time had by all and I can't wait for the next one considering how smooth these last few have gone. Unfortunately the next one won't be until the fall.

Sunday woke up and hung out until the evening BBQ. A smaller crowd but still had a good time as I was getting trashed off the Margaritas I was making along with some left over jello shots. Almost got into a fight with steven over the radio as Youngbloodz "Damn" was playing and he was trying to change it but that always happens with us. Made a fire with the pallet we had left over from our fire pit delivery as I got even more wasted. Closed out the night by watching the new epidsode of Entourage which was ok and then just crashed.

Monday was Frontier Logistics 23rd anniversary and the company is going out to celebrate on Friday. Not much else planned for the weekend we're going to finally break in the new grill and firepit. Only two more weeks in customs before I move on to the warehouse and next weekend is Fantasy Football Weekend, it's almost time for football to start. I'll have my preseason top 10-20 whatever I can fit into my schedule along with my Michigan preview up soon.