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Friday, May 27, 2005

Thank you Memorial Day

Sitting here at work on Friday with not much to do I can't wait for the weekend. Should be a good one, planning on BBQing on Sunday and playing golf on Monday, I just hope I don't repeat last weeks BBQ performance, which I don't plan on doing. I love long weekends, as most every working person does and I just wish we had more of them.

The Lakers stayed at #10 in the lottery as we pretty much expected. There's a lot of talk on which way we can go, Euro, Felton, May and that's just the beginning. I really hope that Indiana trade goes through so we can pick up #17 as well and I'd love to pick up Danny Granger at #10 if he's there and then try with a big at 17, but I haven't really analyzed the draft yet so I'll have that up later.

There's a lot of stuff on the recruiting front but at this point we're on the list for most all top players and we have to wait for the summer camp before we see our next commitment. Steven Schilling just came in for his visit and he had a good time and said he would probably be visiting officially so that's a good sign. We made the top 7 for this Tatum kid, a LB from Oakland who has a top three right now of Miami, USC and Tennessee, IIRC and we're right there at 4 along with Oregon, Ole Miss and some other school I forgot. I always love when we're able to pull Cali kids out to Michigan and hopefully we can team him up with Brandon Graham, that would be sweet.

To all the people, probably like 4, who read my blog, have a great weekend, hopefully I'll have some stories to post on Tuesday.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Thoughts on the Jersey Change

For those that haven't heard yet, which I doubt if you're a Michigan fan, this year there will be a change to the jerseys. I had heard rumblings of a change to the jerseys a couple years ago and I thought no way would it ever take place. The Michigan uniform is best left untouched was my thought but alas, Nike has gotten a hold of it and made a change to their worldwide Nikefication, as I like to call it. Case and point, the international soccer jerseys who mostly now have similar look just different colors for each country, which I think looks nasty. Now they have done it to our beloved Wolverines as Michigan and Georgia now join Miami in using this type of jersey. Supposedly the material is supposed to keep the players cooler and all that technical stuff but from an aesthetic standpoint I think the new jerseys, especially the white one are disgusting. Here's one pic of them:

As you can see, underneath the number the material changes so it looks like two different jerseys stitched up. The blue one doesn’t look as bad because it is dark but in the white one it is definitely noticeable.

The other part I can’t stand is the “piping” they call that runs from the collar to the underarm. You can see this more clearly in the first picture. On the road jersey they made this maize and I think they should have just made it white. The only positive to the new jerseys is the numbers are now stitched on as opposed to screen-printed, it does look sweet for the blue but I have to see it in person before I can make a decision if I'll buy a new home jersey.

Considering the past when the alumni was so upset with the size of the Nike swoosh they made it from the right shoulder to the center and smaller sized, I would think that there would be more of an outcry over the change but a lot of people seem to like it. Maybe it will look different to me when I see them in action but only time will tell. If this is accepted, who’s to say we can’t have a night game at the Big House someday. A lot of traditionalists will consider this blasphemy but part of me wishes we could have a night game every once in a while at home. Being on the west coast now I love the later starts so I can sleep more on Saturdays.

Either way this debate has got me fired up for football season and I cannot wait for it to start. Sure we might not be as good as some people expect us to be but I still think this can be a great season, hopefully we can end it at the Rose Bowl again, except this time with a win, 3rd times a charm right?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Random Rambling

For those of you that remember Doggy Fizzle on MTV, Snoop’s show where he did a bunch of sketches, it was pretty funny there was a segment on this day in African American History and one of them was about a guy that spent more on his rims than his ride itself. I was reminded of it as I’ve seen this occurrence on more than one occasion on my way to and from work. For those of you that don’t know I work in Compton so there are a lot of times I’ll see nice cars in bad neighborhoods but this is just stupid. There’ll be a piece of crap old school Buick or something similar rollin on 20’s and it just looks retarded as hell. A close second was a beat up old Chevy I saw a few months back that had a bangin ass system in it. The car looked like shit but damn did it kick some bass. It’s the same thing like those people that fix up Dodge Neon’s, did you just buy a cheaper car to get better accessories? Doesn’t anyone else think that’s one of the stupidest things ever?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just Loungin

Friday night was pretty uneventful, just hung out at home, the big news of the day was the commitment of OL Justin Boren from Ohio. He’s a huge pickup considering he is one of the top offensive linemen in the country and he is from Ohio. Although his dad played at Michigan, Ohio State offered him as a sophomore and we just made up a bunch of ground in the past few months and secured the commitment. With Boren and Brandon Graham in the fold, we are off to a great start.

On Saturday, we ran some ball running 2’s with Mike, Nima and Prem, playing at Parks for the first time in years. Then Andrew came up from San Diego and we BBQ’d and just hung out, something we can’t do often since everyone’s all over the place, it was dope just chillin like we used to back in the day.

Played golf with the fam on Sunday, considering I haven’t played in about 6 weeks or so was a decent showing, I’ll definitely be playing more often now during the summer until college football starts up.

Finally to Snaq and his comments lately, I know I’m a little late with this but here goes. Shaq is an old fat ass that can’t keep his god damn mouth shut. Had the Lakers kept him he would not be in anywhere near the shape that he is today, and even with the lost weight he is still hurt. As Dr Buss said if he knew Shaq was going to lose 60 pounds he might not have traded him. Had Shaq stayed around he would have been content making another movie during the summer or rap album and would not have lost any weight. I can't wait to see what happens with the offseason changes as we rebuild to make the new dynasty.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What an awful week

Since last Wednesday I've come down with something and I haven't been able to do much but lay around at home. I worked half days on Thursday and Friday because I felt so shitty and over the weekend it got somewhat better but I'm still not all good yet. Might have to go to the doctor to check it out since it's been so long with no improvement, hopefully not but we'll see. The only positive to laying around all weekend at home was watching the Diego Corrales - Jose Luis Castillo fight on Showtime, for those of y'all that have it and didn't watch it the first time be sure to catch the replay tonight its on at 11:30 E/PT, I think and it is a must watch. By far the best fight I have ever seen in my life, from opening bell to the unbelievable finish it was action packed throughout and I have already watched it 3 times, it was that good.

Everything else I was looking forward to watching during the weekend sucked, the two Game 7's, the Game 1's on Sunday were all awful, the NBA playoffs just don't seem right without the purple and gold in there and it doesn't help that every game is a blowout. With the lottery pick this year and getting Phil back, not official yet but I'd put almost anything on it, we'll be back next year and makin another run. Kobe will be motivated this summer to shut all the haters up and it's gonna be on. We'll see how the lottery pans out which is two weeks from today, also the same day that Chappelle Show season 2 comes out on DVD, that's gonna be a great day, especially if the Lakers can somehow defy the odds and hit their 1.8% chance of moving up into the top 3.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Just another Sunday...shootin some guns

Yesterday went to grab lunch with Marcus and Nima for Marcus' birthday and then we met up with a bunch of the guys and went to a shooting range in Brea. It was some scary shit at first as you're not used to just hearing gunshots all the time but once we got in there it was awesome. It's like playing those shooting video games except in real life. We shot a Glock, a Springfield, then a 44 Magnum and to finish the day we shot a 12 gauge shotgun.

Afterwards we all went to BJ's to have some beer, their new special brew right now the Whitecap Wit is excellent, highly recommended. We stayed there for a while just talkin shit like the old times. It was a great day catching up with all the boys and we'll be doing it again this upcoming week for John's birthday, can't wait for that shit. Back to the daily grind, only 4 1/2 work days left until the weekend.