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Westsider Rider

Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally it's here!!!

Finally, after a year and two months my Customs Broker License has been processed. I am now an officially Licensed Customs Broker. It's funny how my license has come through now that I am being moved to the warehouse. Only one more week here as a Customs Broker before I am transferred. I am looking forward to the change of new challenge but at the same time am dreading the additional work that will have to be done but it's something I must do to learn the rest of the company.

Definitely looking forward to the weekend as Fantasy Football is here, our old school league that I started with my friends in High School before the internet where the commissioner had to add up the stats by hand from the LA Times box scores has evolved now into a 14 team league with a trophy and all automated stats, crazy to see how far Fantasy Sports has come since we started playing. Also probably have a BBQ or two so it'll be a great time, just need to make sure I get at least one workout in on the weekend.


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