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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Vegas stinks

Had a good time at Vegas except for the fact that I could never get any run going together so I ended up losing a decent amount. Still was very fun though as I got pretty drunk both nights and had fun gambling. But I realized I hate Blackjack and I will never play that game again. I drank enough and was peer pressured into going to a club which was pretty nice but that just ain't my scene. Saw Fat Ass Shaq there, that lazy son of a bitch. And as always the traffic on the way home sucked but all in all it was a pretty good trip, need to recover financially for a bit and then hope to go again soon.

The Lakers signed Aaron McKie and I think it's a better fit for us than Derek Anderson. The team offered both McKie and DA 2 years and $5 million and said take it or leave it to whoever wanted it first and McKie jumped on it. It will be better for the locker room to have a more veteran presence. We're still waiting on some more moves from the Lakers as there has to be something else coming because the team as it is, although somewhat improved isn't that much better than last year's squad. Rumors floating around about Eddy Curry, Jalen Rose, who knows, I just want some move to be made to improve the team.

Michigan had an open practice on Friday and the season is only 11 days away now. I'm very encouraged to hear about Charles Stewart playing very well but am worried about the move of Brandon Harrison to Safety. With his lack of height it could be a good move but to take our highest rated CB recruit and move him to safety, I wonder what is up. There have also been some good reports about Johnny Sears so maybe that had something to do with it but we will have to wait and see. Ryan Mundy who is supposed to be one of our starters at S is banged up and the troubling thing there is a chance it could be more than just a few days. With the lack of depth at S, we cannot afford that hit. More great news comes from the reports that Kevin Grady is playing extremely well and will be pushing for more time. Even Ivan Maisel in his chat said Grady would be the reason why Mike Hart will not have a chance to win the Heisman, can't forget Max Martin as well, I cannot wait to see this backfield in action.

Finally Happy Birthday shout out to Kobe, he turns 27 today, hittin right into his prime, the title that he leads the Lakers to without Shaq will be the sweetest one and I can't wait to see it rubbed in Shaq's face, he's too old and will not win another title before he retires. Dwyane is going to start tearing it up even more and Shaq will start complaining as he must be the center of attention like a big baby. Just like it happened in Orlando with Penny and LA with Kobe, the same thing will happen with D Wade and he's gonna go pout and cry like a little bitch since he's such an attention whore and can't stand it when other people shine brighter than him.


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