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Westsider Rider

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Drunken Fun

On Friday I went to Hawaiian Gardens to play some poker after work and ran into BJ. After finishing playing, we wanted to hit up BJ's because I needed a beer after the bad beat I took to finish the night off but they were packed so we went to TGI's and Colin met us up where we ate and had plenty of Sam Adams White Ale, their spring seasonal beer, for those of you that haven't tried it, it is highly recommended. Then went home to crash for the draft.

After the draft went to Graham's warehouse where he lives to party it up. It was a crazy night where we all got wasted, some more than others, King, James, Chris. If y'all want to see a recap check out Andy's site. A lot of hilarious pictures there you should check it out. Then spent Sunday hanging out watching the rest of the draft and NBA playoffs, it's weird watching the playoffs and not having a rooting interest since the Lakers are out but there's some big changes coming and hopefully we won't have to do it again next year.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Draft Day

Pretty long weekend as I woke up on Saturday at 9:00 am and being the sick son of a bitch that I am sat on the couch for almost 10 hours as I watched the entire first day of the NFL draft. Was extremely disappointed in what the Raiders did as they moved up 3 slots in the draft to get the same guy they could have had at 26 and wasted a 4th rounder in the process. Passed on Marlin Jackson to take this Fabian Washington kid who hasn't done shit since his freshman year and all he can do is run fast. Same with the 2nd round pick who is just a track guy who is learning to play football. They both just have insane 40 times in the low 4.3 range and they haven't shown to be great players yet. Maybe they'll prove me wrong but I doubt it. It's sad to say the first day was very disappointing but the Raiders did pick up some good players in the 6th round that should be able to contribute. Antaj Hawthorne from Wisconsin and Ryan Riddle from Cal should make the squad and hope they can do something.

Braylon Edwards went #3 to Cleveland, great for him, I think him and Kellen "I'm A Fucking Soldier" Winslow II should be able to do some things for the Browns. Marlin got drafted at #29 by the Colts, a good pickup for them and he should step right in and play. David Baas went #33, 1st pick in the 2nd round to the 49ers and his versatility will be great for them. Idiot picks of the draft goes to Maurice Clarett to the Broncos at the end of the 3rd, there were some more but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Great pickups include Ryan Moats in the 3rd to the Eagles, Justin Miller in the mid of the 2nd for the Jets and some others that I'll probably go over later.

There are multiple winners of the "I'm an idiot for listening to a stupid agent and leaving college early" award go to Ernest Shazor of Michigan who could've helped us tremendously this upcoming season and also T.A. McClendon of NC State who needed another year to prove that he could stay healthy for a full year. Ernest signed with the Cardinals today so he should make the team and have an impact.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Summer is almost here

It was a weekend we have during every summer and it's almost here now. Started out with the Dodgers game on Friday, got off of work and headed for the game. Get to the parking lot and of course we gotta start with the baseball tradition of a nice 40 oz of Mickeys before the game, followed by some pounding of Coors Light cans in one shot. Sat in the bleachers with the other real fans and watched Derek Lowe pitch a great game, complete game, 3 hit shutout. Also Jeff Kent and Milton Bradley went back to back, and Derek Lowe got it done with the bat as well helping his own cause with 2 RBI's.

Had lunch with Nima and Prem on Saturday and then got a call from my brother that we were having a BBQ so I went to the market to buy some beer. Picked up a couple of 40 oz's of Mickey's and a 32 of High Life for King along with a case of Coors Light. By the end of the night, 2 cases and an 18 pk were done so 78 beers plus 4 40's and a 32, quite a bit of drinking. Got crunked, and then me being the bitch that I am passed out first but it was still a great day.

Woke up early as hell on Sunday because of my early exit on Saturday and then went to the gym and cleaned up the mess left over. Had lunch with Nima, Prem, Steven and Jason and then got a nice card game together, which included my first ever win with the hammer. Good solid weekend and I can't wait til the next one with the NFL Draft and Graham's party on Saturday.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm Back

Starting in April they started blocking all non-work related internet during the day so I haven't had a chance to sit down and update as much. Nothing of note really, the usual daily grind and I've gotta start getting serious again with my diet. Coming into the end of March I had lost about 50 pounds from my diet which started back in June/July of last year. Then I went to Vegas and went wild and then wasn't keeping as strict on what I should and shouldn't eat and also got lazier with my exercises which didn't help matters. I gained a few pounds back but the past week I've been keeping a tighter lid on what I'm eating and how I'm working out so I've lost that but now I have to get serious cause I'm only about halfway there to my ultimate goal, maybe even a little more, we'll see when we get there.

Last weekend finally got my dubs put in, yeah they are a little on the small side but when you're given them for free I can't really complain. The gap between the tires and the car seems too big so I think I have to lower it or get some new springs or something, any car people out there know what I should do? It's a 2003 GMC Yukon and I don't want to spend a shitload of money doing it either.

This weekend got hammered on both Friday and Saturday, not good for my diet but I went to the gym on Saturday and I'll make up for it throughout the week. Friday was work related we all went out and ate and drank a lot of soju, it was a lot of fun with all my co-workers getting wasted, pretty funny too. Saturday we went out to LA because it was BJ's birthday so we all first rolled up to Davin's house to pre-party and then went out in LA, something I normally don't do because I have a rule that I pretty much refuse to go to places where I'm not allowed in without a jersey but I made an exception this time. I had a better time than I expected and got really drunk in the process. So drunk in fact that at the end of the night I had to puke but thanks to that I didn't have a hangover in the morning. Went to eat Pho with all the guys that went out on Saturday today and just been hanging out at home ever since.

The Lakers are eliminated from the playoffs, pretty much like I preferred due to the fact that we need help and a lottery pick should be able to bring in some help for the team and because if we got in as the 7 or 8 seed we would've been eliminated in the first round which is a waste anyways and because of the Payton-Mihm trade if we had made the playoffs our pick would have gone to Boston but it is lottery protected this year so we can hope to win the lottery and bring Andrew Bogut to LA. Hope to have a draft analysis up once we get the lottery figured out.

The Dodgers are on fire to start the year, although they lost today to Arizona they are 4-2 and playing much better than I anticipated. JD Drew has been a disappointment but he finally picked up his first hit today so I hope that gets him kickstarted. Can't wait to finally go watch on Friday for Jackie Robinson Action Statue night.

The Masters was a great watch today on TV, I know most people say golf is boring to watch on TV but today it was unbelievable. Chris DiMarco started today with a 4 stroke lead but by the time I started watching he was down 4 strokes, normally most people playing against Tiger Woods like that would have thrown in the towl but not DiMarco, he fought back and forced a playoff. Although he lost I gained a lot of respect for him and I am a big Chris DiMarco fan now.

Finally, a big shout out to the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, they got it done and won the NCAA Championship after a huge game by Sean May, he was just a beast that no one could handle. It was a great game to watch and who knows they may do it again next year because if May stays I think Raymond Felton will also. Rashad McCants has pretty much said he's gone and the wild card is Marvin Williams, if he stays too they would definitely be a favorite next year along with Tyler Hansborough coming in as well.