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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Damn Right I'm All In

When I first heard this year's slogan it didn't do much for me. I didn't really like it, didn't really hate it, it was just whatever. After the events of the past few days though it couldn't be more fitting for this team and our program. Like the saying goes, it's easy to kick someone when they're down and that's exactly what's going on now. These attacks are coming from all angles and these are the times we need to band together the most. I know not everyone was on board with the Rich Rodriguez hire, but this is our team and our program and it must be supported. No matter what, the team comes first and even if you don't like Coach Rodriguez after last years showing, or didn't want him in the first place he is still the coach at Michigan. He is part of our team, and this team needs us to stand behind them now.

It's upsetting to hear these reports come out because these reporters and newspapers have their own agendas. I mean when other coaches and players across the country are saying this report is nothing it shows how ridiculous it is. Even the Buckeyes are coming to our defense with Kirk Herbstreit talking about how it's a witch hunt and a joke. How ludicrous is it when you're getting fairer treatment from Ohio State than your own local paper?

But it's time to put it behind us and concentrate on the task at hand, the upcoming season. Players and coaches will always change over time, but Michigan never will. The Winged Helmet, the Go Blue Banner, the Big House and all the things that are known as Michigan will always stay the same. So you either need to get in or get out because I know I'm All In and always will be, are you?

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