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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Great Weekend and one busy week

Been too damn busy to update this week but I finally get a chance to now. Let's start with Friday where nothing went on just went to the gym and hit up HG for a couple hours before I crashed early since I had to take my parents to the airport in the morning. Took care of that on Saturday along with some other errands before I started getting the shit together for Saturday night. I guess I made the jello shots too strong but it was my first time so it's all good. Had a good turnout and nothing too crazy went down so it was a good time had by all. The surprising thing was the keg was tapped by 1130 so I had to go and get another 2 cases and those were gone within another hour or two, so then someone else went out and got even more beers which were all finished. That doesn't even include the handles that were inside the house as well.

The keg of Rolling Rock was extremely good and I can't wait until the next time we can have another one. Star of the night goes to Ki Hyun for trying to protect the beers once I brought the cases back because kids were grabbing them left and right by carding them only to have someone else ask for her ID. Then to get people to start to leave so we could have a smaller group to karoake she started telling everyone the cops were coming so most people cleared out and we sang our hearts out. Of course had to start off with Dennis "Iwonjusobad" Yoon with his rendition of Livin on a Prayer, for those of y'all that have never seen it you are missing out on a performance. This started at about 2 or so and I tried to keep up but was just too drunk/tired and I crashed at around 330-4, but that didn't stop the rest of them as I was told it went until about 6 in the morning. Also some other funny stuff that went down, if y'all were there you know what I'm talkin about. Another great time had by all and I can't wait for the next one considering how smooth these last few have gone. Unfortunately the next one won't be until the fall.

Sunday woke up and hung out until the evening BBQ. A smaller crowd but still had a good time as I was getting trashed off the Margaritas I was making along with some left over jello shots. Almost got into a fight with steven over the radio as Youngbloodz "Damn" was playing and he was trying to change it but that always happens with us. Made a fire with the pallet we had left over from our fire pit delivery as I got even more wasted. Closed out the night by watching the new epidsode of Entourage which was ok and then just crashed.

Monday was Frontier Logistics 23rd anniversary and the company is going out to celebrate on Friday. Not much else planned for the weekend we're going to finally break in the new grill and firepit. Only two more weeks in customs before I move on to the warehouse and next weekend is Fantasy Football Weekend, it's almost time for football to start. I'll have my preseason top 10-20 whatever I can fit into my schedule along with my Michigan preview up soon.


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