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Monday, August 29, 2005

Gettin close

After a long week of work got to unwind a bit on Saturday after my 1/2 day at work. Ended up heading down to the Yard House in Long Beach to meet up with two of my friends from Michigan, Domski and Gladney, and rolled down there with our usual crew. Was a good time drinking great beer and discussing Michigan this upcoming year, except for the fact we got stuck in a shitty section with the two worst waitress/er ever. The first waitress would bring us our bill before we even got our drinks saying something about after 9 its closing out per order and not even giving us the option to leave a card to leave the tab open until I mentioned that to her. Then we got stuck with Don, who took forever and tried to not serve me a half-yard of Sam Adams Summer Ale because he said after midnight they don't serve them except for the fact it was only 11:45. To top it off he took over 20-30 mins to bring us our check. He literally checked up on every other table he had in his section twice before he came back to us and deservedly so he got no tip.

With football around the corner, only 5 days left here's my projections for wins and losses this year for Michigan.

Northern Illinois - W , Opening Game vs MAC opponent should be the typical win by 20+

Notre Dame - W, Charlie Weis era begins but not in AA with a team that will be overmatched

Eastern Michigan - W, Great offensive weapons in Deslauriers and Sherrell but not much else

@ Wisconsin - W, sure it's a night game at Camp Randall but Wisconsin has lost a ton this year and I don't think they can compete with us right now.

@ Michigan State - must see the team before I can make a decision here.

Minnesota - W, they had their chances the past two years but failed, the jug will still be in AA for another year

Penn State - W, Joe Pa has gotten some playmakers in Williams and King and a solid D but not quite back to what they used to be yet.

@ Iowa - same as Michigan State, I must see this team in action before I can make a decision

@ Northwestern- W, can't see them competing this year

Indiana - W, no explanation necessary

Ohio State - W, yes our D is somewhat suspect but OSU still has yet to prove they can do anything on offense with Tressel at the helm. Ginn is a playmaker and Holmes can do some damage but one of the RB's needs to step up and I'll take the homefield in this game along with the fact that Carr knows he must win this one otherwise Tressel will be 4-1 vs Carr and it starts looking like the reverse of Cooper.

So I've got us with 9 wins and 2 ?'s. I can see us winning both those games but I can just as easy see us lose those two games because of how we have performed year in and year out as we lose a game that we shouldn't. If Stripling has made us that much better up front and we can slow down these mobile QB's that seem to run all over us then I don't see much of a problem at State but until I see that, I'm leaning towards a L in East Lansing, as usual. Iowa is a much tougher call, they do have a lot of questions as well but it is difficult to win in Iowa which is a much further trip than East Lansing. If Iowa finds a half decent RB to work with they should be able to keep us off balance enough to win. However their entire DL is new this year so it does give me some hope. But I am also leaning towards this one as a L. If I had to definitively make a prediction now I'd say we'll be going 9-2, 6-2 in conference, keeping alive the New Years Day Bowl streak in Orlando or Tampa. Hopefully I will be proven wrong but with all the ?'s on D, until I see some improvement I can't honestly pick us to go 11-0 as some people are. I'd love to be proven wrong but with the way this coaching staff has shown itself to me in the years that I have followed Michigan, I don't see it happening.

With 5 days to go here's a man that must step up for me to be, hopefully, proven wrong. Charles Stewart a CB who has been practicing very well this summer and is making a push for the #2 CB spot opposite Leon Hall must step up so we can have some sort of depth at CB along with Grant Mason.


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