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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Only 3 Days!!!

With three days left before the season kicks off today's post will deal with the bowling ball/unstoppable force at the goal line, Kevin Grady. He enters Michigan as one of the top RB's in the nation. He was so good he graduated high school early and attended Michigan starting 2nd semester last year so he could get his head start on playing time this year. It has worked, he has done nothing but impress his teammates and coaches and it has been reported that he has yet to be stopped at the goal line. He is the clear cut #2 back behind Mike Hart and will get his share of carries this weekend. I cannot wait to see him in action, his high school clips were impressive but we'll wait to see him on the big stage.

Tim Jamison is out for the NIU game, hopefully will be back for ND. Hopefully it is nothing serious that lingers throughout the course of the year. I doubt I will see what I want to see from the D this week since NIU has a strong rushing attack with Harris and Wolfe and I doubt they will try to pass much. The strength of their team is running the ball and I'd like to see the secondary tested but we'll have to wait to see that. I'm dying of anticipation for the kickoff of this year and how we will play. It was noted that the last 6 or 7 times we have been preseason top 5 we failed to finish the season that high and hopefully we can break that streak this year.

Also the highly anticipated 2nd album of Kanye West dropped yesterday. Great album. Although not quite the classic his first album was, it is still a high quality album that should be bought. Starts with good track with some guy from some rock band, forgot who it was but it sounds pretty good, then there's "Touch the Sky" feat Lupe Fiasco which is a hot track, I love the brass section in the beat. Then there's "Gold Digger" which is a pretty good song except the fact that the radio has played it out. Two tracks later is one of my two favorite songs on the album "Drive Slow" which features Paul Wall. It's a slower beat that gets your head noddin and I can't explain it but I just like Paul Wall's flow, not sure if its the accent and all but he flows pretty well IMO. "Crack Music" with the Game is a weak track but the next one "Roses" is my other favorite track on the album. Gotta love the line "...Have you done the research? / The nurse askin me can I sign some T-Shirts? / Bitch are you smokin reefer?" All in all a solid 4/5 album, its tough to duplicate the success of his first album and he does a good job in avoiding the sophomore slump.


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