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Friday, September 05, 2008

Picks of the Week

Last week was a winning one starting off 3-2, only 4 picks this week:

Northwestern -6.5 @ Duke - Northwestern pulled away from Syracuse last week and should continue their winning ways as I expect them to pull a couple of big wins in the Big Ten this season. Duke is still Duke and will not be able to keep up with the Wildcats.

California -13.5 @ Washington State - The Bears come off their win over Michigan State, which should have been more of a blowout had Coach Tedford not put Nate Longshore in the game who attributed to a 14 point swing when he threw an interception in the end zone while Cal was driving and also threw a pick six. The Cougars got beat up in Seattle by Oklahoma State and look like they are going through their growing pains with the coaching change.

West Virginia @ East Carolina Over 49 - Still not sure if East Carolina will be able to keep the momentum of the win over Virginia Tech, but I do know that West Virginia puts up points in bunches and East Carolina should be able to score as well. 49 seems too low for a West Virginia game.

Texas Tech @ Nevada Over 68 - This game features two teams with explosive offenses and it will likely be one of those games that is determined by whatever team has the ball last. Mike Leach's spread vs. Chris Ault's Pistol offense, should be great for those that love scoring.


Top 25

Travelling on vacation this week so haven't had a chance to update, better late than never.

1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. Missouri
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida
6. USC
7. LSU
8. West Virginia
9. Texas
10. Auburn
11. Kansas
12. BYU
13. Fresno State
14. Alabama
15. South Florida
16. Wisconsin
17. Wake Forest
18. Oregon
19. Arizona State
20. Penn State
21. East Carolina
22. Utah
23. California
24. UCLA
25. Boston College

I believe the media is giving too much credit to USC for their win over Virginia. Virginia was a terrible team that had no chance of staying close to USC and the travel factor is being played up too much. I couldn't believe Clemson just rolled over like that, I should have known better than to buy into their hype. Same goes with Pittsburgh, they're still a Dave Wannstedt coached team so choking should be expected.

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