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Monday, August 08, 2005

Typical Weekend

Nothing new to report, just the usual, not too productive but fun weekend. Friday night had our company dinner where I didn't drink as much as usual but ate a ton of food. Saturday woke up and had to take a guest around LA's tourist stuff and later came home to go to Yardhouse with BJ, Dennis and Earl. Had a bunch of great beers and came home to drink some more while watching a new DVD I had gotten, Scratch the live tour, which showed a concert that some of the best DJ's around did in LA a while back including Z-Trip, Mix Master Mike and the Xcutioners, or however you spell it.

Sunday was a big BBQ as we broke in the new Grill and Firepit, ate a bunch of great food and drank quite a bit as well. Watched Entourage as is the tradition on Sundays now and passed out early. Only two weeks left until I move departments which will mean longer hours and weekends, as long as it doesn't interfere with football its ok but we'll see. One Fantasy Football league will be drafting this weekend. I've already started two online, one college, one pro. With the popularity of Fantasy Football now and college football gaining popularity as well I think it's only a matter of time before College Fantasy Football starts getting big as well.

With Football right around the corner I'm going to try to get my preseason top 10-20 up soon since it'll be documented this year on this blog we'll see how right, or wrong I am about my projections. One being that U$C will not go undefeated this year and will not win the National Championship. With the new coaches along with their losses on defense I see one, maybe two losses on the schedule as they've had everything go their way for them the past two years. As everyone is pointing at the Cal game, I don't think they will lose there, Cal loses a lot on D so I believe the toughest tests for the trojans will be at Oregon, at Arizona State and also the home game vs Fresno State, although I read somewhere that Pete Carroll has yet to lose a game past November 1st since he became head coach.

No moves on the Laker front and I think it's because they're working on something and don't want anything to leak out, hopefully I'm right because so far this offseason has been all speculation and no action except for the Kwame Brown deal. With Phil coming back it has made everyone excited about Laker basketball again and I believe with another signing or trade we can be competitive in the West. Definitely not this year but in the next couple years you will see the Forum Blue and Gold bringing home another title and that title would be the sweetest for Kobe to shut all the haters up about how he can't win without Fat Ass Shaq. Shaq is no longer the dominant force that he once was and he is starting to break down as can be seen from last year, he is not getting any younger, is not showing up into camp in shape so he will continue to become worse and worse as the years go on. I think he's only got a few more good years before he completely falls off and Miami will be wishing they never signed him to that extension in years 4 and 5, if not earlier.


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