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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The game I've waited 8 years for is here, sort of

Well it wasn't the way I wanted to do it but I am glad that we finally get to play Nebraska this season in the Alamo Bowl, the only silver lining about being passed over by the Outback Bowl.
My brother was in the camp that he wanted to play in a lesser bowl because he didn't want to get embarassed about losing to an SEC team in the Outback Bowl. I say that's BS, we are Michigan and we shouldn't be scared to play anyone.

1997 was a great year, I was a sophomore in High School, I got my drivers license along with all the new dope Michigan gear that I had always wanted but never could find since I was in California, thank you very much Eastbay catalog. At this time I ordered a Jarrett Irons jersey, which I still wear to this day. Michigan wasn't supposed to do much as Corso said we were playing too many teams that were as good or better than us and we couldn't go undefeated. We opened with a big win against Colorado, then demolished Baylor, I wore my Michigan football shirt the following Monday and was told by my Physics teacher that I couldn't wear that shirt, her kids had gone to Baylor and was the regional recruiter or something like that for Baylor. While Michigan was rolling, so was that team in Lincoln, Nebraska. I've always liked Blue and did not like red. Hence my love for Michigan and not for Ohio State, the Dodgers and not the Angels and how I liked UCLA better than USC. Anyways, the Cornhuskers also wore red and the "N" on their helmet stands for (k)nowledge.

Michigan went through the gauntlet of the Big Ten closing with Judgement Day at Happy Valley as the undefeated #2 and #4 teams in the country played, which we completely dominated and ended with #4 Ohio State coming to town and secured our Rose Bowl berth. Nebraska meanwhile needed an illegal kicking by a WR to beat Missouri and also on their side was Tom Osborne was retiring. This is all you need to know about Nebraska, he became a senator for his state after he finished coaching. I guess I really can't say much since Schwartzenegger became California's governor, but still. Scott Frost decided to start campaigning in the media for a split title, the coaches, namely Fat Phil Fulmer agreed and made Michigan 4th in the last poll. Instead of giving him a rocking chair or a rolex, the Coaches gave Tom Osborne a split of the national championship as his retirement gift, fucking bullshit. No other team in the history of college football had gone into their bowl game #1, won the game and dropped a spot in the poll. You know Nebraska sure as hell wasn't campaigning for a split title in 1994 when Penn State finished with an unbeaten record as well. Ever since then, even though I already did not like them much to begin with, I have put Nebraska in that list of teams I can't stand and wish would be wiped off the face of the earth. Yes I am disappointed this season but it would make me feel that much better going into recruiting and Spring Ball if we beat the crap out of Nebraska. I have waited for years to beat Nebraska and the only reason why I am actually looking forward to this bowl game.

Damn Right Charles, we all know it.

There are a lot of other bowl games of note which I definitely need to watch, the first being the Peach Bowl as they matchup Miami against LSU. Although we don't know how long Jamarcus Russell will be hurt by his separated shoulder, it is the type of injury that can constantly come back to cause problems. Even though it contains two of the teams I hate the most on the face of the earth the Ohio State-Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl should be an entertaining one as well with Tressel's defense taking on Weis' offense. For those that want offense the Sun Bowl will be entertaining as Northwestern takes on UCLA in a game where the o/u could be in the 80's.

Found an interesting page from USA Today which shows how all the coaches voted in the last Coaches Poll. I haven't had a chance to look at it carefully but one interesting note is Mack Brown voted USC #1 and Texas #2, wonder if that was done recently knowing that the last vote would be made public?


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