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Westsider Rider

Monday, December 05, 2005

Not as good as anticipated but it'll do

After working ridiculous hours lately, and unfortunately looks like will continue through the end of the year, I finally enjoyed a full weekend off, and doesn't look like I'll have another one until next year, unfuckingbelieveable, but that's another topic. I was ready to pass out early on Friday but made some calls and got a pretty big sized group together for TGI's which was our third choice of the night after Heroes and BJ's were ridiculously packed. Had a few drinks while watching the Lakers choke job and also had to deal with long wait which was unnecessary considering how empty the place was but didn't really complain since I had the weekend off, was enjoying a nice Hefenweizen and watching the Lakers. Some of the guys went to shoot pool I went home to enjoy as long of a sleep I could before heading out to the game on Saturday.

I posted earlier about the game so I won't go into it and then got home ASAP to get there in time for the fight. Watched the undercards on and off as we also watched the SEC and ACC Championship games. At this point started working on the handles we had leftover from the weekend before and we put a decent dent into them but not great considering how many people we had. It was a chill night, as pretty much I got drunk and provided the entertainment and crashed early again considering it was a weekend.

Woke up Sunday hoping to see Chad Johnson's "Greatest TD Celebration Ever" but unfortunately he was shut out in the TD column. Watched some more games when I got the call from Andy that the guys wanted to BBQ so we got people over and fired up the grill. As I was ready to start it up I thought to myself the beauty of Southern California where on December 4th it's in the mid 60's and we're BBQing outdoors while most of the country is freezing its ass off already. Like the alcoholics that we are started drinking again but the food took care of any effects of the alcohol. Once it started getting cold, yeah we're bitches out here cold meaning mid 50's, we headed inside to watch the Raiders-Chargers in HD along with the Lakers game. Raiders got their asses handed to them, as we have done the entire season, while the Lakers somehow barely pulled out the 1 point win over the Bobcats. Then Leah and Minna made some of their Strawberry Dessert to close out the night. Watched more random TV while waiting for it to finish and we just took the plate to town and it was gone in minutes, it was some good stuff. Now I'm back at work still as I write this when it was supposed to slow down by now. This is the holiday season where people take weeks off of work and I get next to nothing, I guess it could be worse so I gotta keep that in mind. Not sure how much longer I can take of it, like Jay-Z's title, it's the Gift and the Curse and I know that I've got to put my work in but damn this is ridiculous.


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