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Monday, November 28, 2005

Terrible Sports Weekend

Let's start from the top, I had to work the entire weekend so there's bad news as it is and then it didn't start off good when Texas-Texas A&M which I got in at 69.5 over, ended at 69. From there it went down hill regarding sports for the weekend. At least the basketball team picked up a win versus Butler but Daniel Horton had to bail the team out again. He's playing very well right now but he can't keep it up the whole season, some other guys have to step up. Got two big ones coming up with the Big Ten/ACC Challenge against Miami on Tuesday then the Saturday game at Notre Dame, we'll see what this team is made out of starting then.

Hockey continued its curse of #1 as they got swept by Minnesota and Wisconsin, now these are good teams as they came into the weekend ranked #7 and #2 respectively, but we are supposed to be the #1 team in the nation but get swept at home. Just like the football team cannot win when they reach #3, the same holds true for the hockey team when they get to #1. The squad will try to rebound as they head to Oxford to take on Miami of Ohio for the weekend so they should get back on track.

Notre Dame came extremely close to losing at Stanford which would've been a double bonus for the Pac-10 as it would have pretty much guaranteed an at-large BCS berth for Oregon and gotten Stanford Bowl Eligible but it was not to be. Notre Dame is a good team, that's played very well at times this year but it does not deserve a BCS bid. Ohio State, Auburn and Oregon are all ahead of the Irish in my book and in many other people's as well. But it is a business and ND will bring in the most money so they are a lock for the Fiesta Bowl, where most are projecting them to face Ohio State. Damn I don't know what to do in that one, my worst nightmare of a game.

To close it off the Lakers played a tight one at home against the Nets and ended up blowing it in overtime. Kobe scored his season high 46 but the Lakers still lost as they could not find a bucket to save their life in OT. First two trips down Brian Cook, who tied the game at the end of regulation, got points for the Lakers but after that Kobe kept passing it off to someone who would end up taking a bad shot or committing a turnover. The Lakers are still under 500 on the year and had a losing 5 game homestand which is not good. 8 of the next 10 are on the road and I'd gladly take 500 there for now. The offense still isn't there as only 10 points were scored in the first quarter by the Lakers. It's taking a long time for this team to grasp the triangle and they gotta get it soon since the season is now almost a month old. Hope they can get something rolling on this next stretch, otherwise we could be looking at the lottery again, actually no lottery the pick belongs to Boston this year, shit, at least we have Miami's pick.


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