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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Final Regular Season Power 16

After a day which was highly anticipated most of the games last week were duds, only close one being the ACC Championship game which was on in the background as I watched the fight.

1. Texas - sure you can blame me for bias, but from what I've seen this season Texas is the more complete team and I hope, please I'm not asking for much, can beat USC.

2. USC - yes I don't like them as a fanbase but their team is very good and fun to watch with Reggie "I thought you could only do that in video games" Bush making play after play. As much as I think Texas can beat USC, who out there can stop Reggie Bush?

3. Penn State - moving up by default due to the LSU and Virginia Tech losses, in what was to be a more highly anticipated matchup with Virginia Tech they now get to play in the "I can't believe those guys are still coaching" Bowl.

4. Ohio State - edges out Auburn for the best two loss team in the country as they lost two close games to two of the three teams ahead of them.

5. Auburn - a team that no one wants to mess with at this point of the season, Kenny Irons is a beast and I expect them to easily handle Wisconsin in the Citrus Bowl.

6. Georgia - impressive showing in the SEC Championship game, their reward is they get to play in Atlanta again for the Sugar Bowl, wish they could play someone other than West Virginia but that's the way the BCS works.

7. Notre Dame - as others have said, anyone else with their resume would not be in the BCS but they're Notre Dame so its something we have to deal with. I have no idea what I'm going to do for the Fiesta Bowl, can't both teams somehow lose?

8. Oregon - once again the Pac-10 gets screwed out of the BCS but I didn't think they were that impressive to begin with and no one will be impressed even if they do win their bowl game since they get to play an Oklahoma team that is very down this year.

9. West Virginia - they have one loss, that's all I can really say, they looked impressive against Pitt but it's Pitt so who knows what they'll do against a real team

10. Miami - I'm sure everyone down in Miami was hoping they could become back to back Peach Bowl Champs coming into the season.

11. LSU - sure Jamarcus got hurt but didn't look like they showed up anyways.

12. Alabama - great turnaround this year, wonder how much difference would Prothro have made? Coach Shula has to be careful of Mike Leach trying to enslave his wife.

13. Virginia Tech - Beamer ball now 0-7 against Coach Bowden, another reason why conference championship games stink.

14. Florida - I don't think the Gator faithful had the Outback Bowl in mind this year when Urban Meyer was hired but they did beat all three of their major rivals.

15. TCU - probably a good thing they lost to SMU because regardless they weren't getting in the BCS regardless, at least they don't feel as let down.

16. Texas Tech - Cotton Bowl it is, we'll see how Basketball on Grass handles the D of the Crimson Tide.


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