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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Week 13 Poll

Coming into the last week of the season we've now just got the conference championship games left and then we'll be determining bowl bids. Here's the way I've got it going into, unfortunately, the last Saturday of college football we'll be seeing in 10 months.

1. Texas - did consider dropping them after their subpar showing versus Texas A&M but it is a rivalry game, they did put up 40 points and Vince didn't do very well. Colorado get the honor of being whooped again by Texas, although that is what we thought a few years ago when Colorado beat Texas in the Big XII Championship game.

2. USC - still haven't been beaten, but there are chinks in the armor, as much as I would love to see a Bruin upset, I doubt it. There was some hope with Lendale White's supposed injury but it's nothing more than a bruise, the condoms should roll easily, just hopefully not so easily that they cover the 21.5 point spread.

3. Virginia Tech - back to #3 where they would be even if they were still undefeated, maybe it wasn't that bad to lose to Miami after all they won't be as upset when they can't play in the National Championship game, same goes for...

4. LSU - who I dropped because they couldn't close out Arkansas and was alive until the last drive.

5. Penn State - yes they only have one loss and are currently in the polls as the outside ready to slide in, in case USC or Texas stumbles but I just don't see them as beating either Va Tech or LSU if they played. They lost to the worst Michigan team we've seen in years, this was the year to end their streak.

6. Auburn - best playing two loss team of the bunch. After the season opening loss to Georgia Tech they've got one other loss and that's to LSU when their kicker could have won the game had he not gone 1 out of 6. Definitely not a team that I would want to play in the bowl game.

7. Ohio State - the sweatervest owns us, I need to go to the corner and cry again.

8. Georgia - playing in Atlanta for a chance to play in Atlanta, or possibly Atlanta, I'm sure they'd prefer the Sugar over the Peach though.

9. Miami - maybe they need to record another rap song.

10. Notre Dame - could've been the double bonus for the Pac-1o had Stanford beaten them, I still don't think ND is that good this year, they definitely don't deserve a BCS bid over Ohio State, Auburn, or Oregon but unfairly they will get one and hoard all the money to themselves, those greedy bastards.

11. UCLA - Bruins have had 3 weeks off to get ready for the battle of Los Angeles, I expect they'll be able to put up the points just like Fresno State did but can anyone stop Reggie Bush?

12. Oregon - still not impressed, yes they have one loss to USC but they haven't played anyone either that shows me that they're that great. They beat Fresno by 3 and Cal because Ayoob decided to become the worst QB ever, without Clemens they are that much worse.

13. Alabama - gettin ready for a New Years Day Bowl after all the stuff they had to deal with the past few years, I'm sure the Tide faithful will settle for that this year.

14. West Virginia - definitely the least impressive of the one loss teams, they play in the Big East so they have to go out and earn their respect. Pat White and Steve Slaton are as good a set of freshmen there are in the country, they'll take a big jump up if they can defeat the SEC champion they'll face in the Sugar Bowl.

15. Louisville - all that hype coming into the season and they didn't get it done. Brian Brohm is out for the year but he's be a junior next year ready to lead the Cardinal into the big time.

16. Florida - impressive win over the Seminoles, we'll see what happens with the SEC bowl mess.


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