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Friday, December 02, 2005

Finally a whole weekend!

I can't even explain how excited I am as I am getting a full weekend off and I'm definitely planning on using it to its full potential. Full potential for me meaning getting wasted with my friends and watching sports. It all starts tomorrow morning when we head off the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, aka Ghettoseum and watch the battle of LA as UCLA takes on USC. I expect it to be closer than most and hopefully, although highly unlikely, the Bruins can get it done.

Immediately following the game gotta race home to watch Hopkins-Taylor II. It's gonna be a great fight and now that we got the HD box inside the house we'll be able to watch it in HD which is just an added bonus. Hopefully Hopkins wins us a lot of money then I won't be able to remember the night because I've drank too much but we'll see about that.

For those that remember Ian's post at Sexy Results about matching up college football programs with hip-hop acts can find it here. He did an unbelievable job with it and I thought I knew a lot about hip-hop but I can't even touch him. Spinning off that the Golden Tornado did one with strictly the ACC and the Smurfs, I don't remember watching much of the smurfs so I can't tell how relevant they are. On top of that Doug from Hey Jenny Slater posted one not only on the SEC but a lot of other teams in the NCAA comparing them to the Simpsons. This one definitely goes up there with the Simpsons posts and you can always read the comments to the posts as a lot of people put up other suggestions which are also good as well.

Hopefully I can get out of work sometime soon tonight so I can catchup on some rest from this brutal week of work which included consisted of me getting home at 11, 10:30, 1:30 and 1, those last two times being in the AM. Definitely need tonight to recharge for the weekend.

Big Game tomorrow for the Basketball team as they're heading to South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. ND has one loss on the year to NC State at Conseco Fieldhouse while Michigan is still unbeaten this year but we have yet to play anyone. It will be a rough trip down there but the Maize Rage will be heading out there in full force as Coach Amaker has put up two buses for the Maize Rage to get to the game. I know we can get the W down there and hope the boys can prove me right, until then Go Blue!


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