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Friday, December 02, 2005

Picks of the Week

Only a few games this week so I'm going to add in some NFL games as well to get the number up:

UCLA +21 @ USC

I know a lot of people expect USC to blow UCLA out of the water since they have no defense but people forget that USC's defense isn't exactly the greatest either. UCLA has a very explosive offense that can put up the points and I don't expect this game to get too out of hand. If you're like me and got it earlier in the week at 21.5 you're feeling even better.

Navy -6.5 vs. Army

Navy is just better, don't know much about the players but I do know that Navy is going to a bowl game again this year and Army is having a tough time again.

Oakland +11.5 @ San Diego

The Raiders have been a disappointment this year with the addition of Lamont Jordan and Randy Moss and just as last year the D is just porous. But 11.5 points is a lot to give up in an NFL game, much less a rivalry game as this is.

Minnesota -2.5 @ Detroit

Vikings are riding a 4 game winning streak and are eyeing a wild card berth in the playoffs since Daunte Culpepper went down. Brad Johnson has a done a great job with this team and it should continue as they take on the Lions who are going through so much crap this week from Dre Bly and Jeff Garcia's comments to Mariucci's firing. You think the Lions will take another WR with their first round pick this year?

Cincinnati +3 @ Pittsburgh

The Bengals have made a huge turnaround the past few years since Marvin Lewis has taken over. They are now one of the best teams in the league and the Carson Palmer to Chad Johnson duo is tough to beat. I think the Bengals will put up the points and I cannot wait for Chad Johnson's TD celebration this week as he has said it will be his best one ever.


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