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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mr Bingle is Back!!!

Ridiculous day at work last night and again tonight where I'm still working like crazy and am close to hitting my wall. Thankfully we will have a full weekend off for the first time in a month. So with all this time I spend at work obviously I'm on the web a lot and I need stuff to keep me from going crazy. If you read this site on a semi-regular basis you either know me personally or you've found your way here through some other Michigan bloggers. I go through all my sports sites constantly throughout the day and also check in on my friends blogs and xangas and whatnot. I even found some other blogs that are just hilarious if you haven't checked out Jason Mulgrew or The Letter D, you should its real funny stuff and it's definitely kept me from going insane while spending pretty much my entire life at work for the past 3 months.

However, there is one site that was a staple of my web rotation that is now back in business due to the constant nagging of myself and other friends and that is the one the only Mr. Bingle aka Mr. Quiang, aka Kingster. The shit he writes is so ridiculous and random it's hilarious and hopefully he will keep his posting frequent. Since he stated he brought his site back for me, this one's for you King and this picture, jacked from Andy's site, from James' party last weekend is too funny with his blank stare as he's wearing the crown how fitting for the King.


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