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Monday, November 28, 2005

Great Weekend of 3 hours

Tried to fit as much of a weekend I could into the few hours I had on Saturday for James' party at his place. Got off work at 9 and finally hitched a ride over there close to 11 pm. Definitely a great time with the keg and a much bigger turnout than I expected. Since I wasn't there for that long don't have that much to report but highlights included James hitting the beer bong but not twice like he said and the one time he hit it, he hit it like a bitch, real slow. Earl became my bitch since he wanted to wear my Michigan jacket, but props on the Everybody loves Randy shirt. It was also great to hang out and see people I hadn't seen in a while since I'm always working. The best part of the night though had to be after Andy convinced me to finally hit the beer bong and everyone started chanting my name. So as I'm getting ready to hit the beer bong everyone is outside chanting Chung Min Kyu and I'm not gonna lie it was pretty awesome. Now I know what it's like to be a superstar athlete and the crowd cheering for you. It was just as crazy after I finished it and everyone went crazy, so that's what Robert Horry felt like after hitting the game winning 3 versus the Queens a few years back. Wish I could've stayed but had to be up for work at 8am on Sunday as well so I had to call it a night early, can't wait for the next one, especially when I don't have to work the next morning.


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