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Monday, December 05, 2005

Now I know why most people hate the Lakers

Those that know me, know I love my sports, probably too much. Sure I've got other deficiencies but I'd say most people would say my biggest problem is I take sports way too seriously.
One of my biggest problems is hearing shit talking from "fans" who don't know a damn thing about this so called team they've been following for years. Being from the LA area I've always known the bandwagon fans and their mentality and I hate it. I am a very loyal person and once you ride with me I'm ride until I die with you. So the bandwagoners really piss me the fuck off. But now I know why everyone hates the Lakers just like I can't stand the University of Spoiled Children.

A group of us headed out to the Coliseum for the game and on Earl's recommendation we headed toward the Shrine Auditorium for parking, but when we got there they decided they needed to be greedier than usual and were charging $50 parking per car, just ridiculous, even the NBA Finals charged $40 a car. So instead we decided to head to Staples Center where there were free shuttles to the front and they only charged $20. Walked around the stadium and it was ok but it just didn't have the feel of a game that was supposed to be as big as it was. Maybe because I'm used to going places and being yelled and cursed at because I'm wearing Michigan gear but I wore my blue Lakers Kobe throwback along with the Carolina Blue LA Dodgers hat so it was pretty clear what side I was rooting for but nothing happened. No one talked shit, no one said a word to us, hell the UCLA kids were yelling and talking more shit than the USC people and this was a USC home game.

Once we got in, it was more of the same, but once SC started scoring and dominating then people started talking junk and it was frustrating. These "fans" didn't say anything until they started winning just like the bitches they are. I know some think I'm harsh but that's just the way I am when it comes to sports. I ride with my team when they fall and I will die with my team at the end but not these frontrunners. The thing is no matter how much I care about my squad and how much I will love seeing USC's downfall again, the main problem is these "fans" will just jump off the bandwagon and hop on to whatever team will start winning at that time so they don't have to deal with the pain and suffering that other real fans deal with.

In closing, as much as I hate USC I do have to admit Reggie Bush is ridiculously sick, as they say he's like a video game in real life. I commented to my friends on Saturday night that it's like he has 2 X buttons to press for turbo while everyone else only has one. The short TD run that he had where he dove for the corner is exactly what it's like in Madden when you dive for the end zone, just sick. That being said I can't wait for him to go to the NFL since the college game is just unfair with him playing and also so I can buy one of his jerseys, as long as it's not some nasty team.

Last year, I was extremely upset and frustrated with the way we lost the Rose Bowl to Texas just as I was the year before when we lost to USC. However the fan base of Texas was great in contrast to USC. The first Rose Bowl I had some douchebag show up in the middle of the first quarter just as USC scored a TD and yells in my face "Nice Fucking Play!" It seems as the "fans" take on the persona of the coach, classless, just as he kept going for it on 4th down time after time in the 2nd half. Just as Woody Hayes rubbed it in back in 1968 by going for 2, Coach Carroll was doing the same thing on Saturday. I cannot wait it comes back around to him, hopefully soon. On the other hand I had numerous Texas fans display a much higher level of class during and after the game last year. These University of Spoiled Children fans don't realize that Coach Carroll was their 4th, 5th, 6th?? choice as head coach once the job opened up. They got lucky as hell and now they act like they knew it all along. I remember speaking with a few SC alums when Carroll was hired and they all did not like the hire and thought it was a bad one, now look at them. I can't wait for the Rose Bowl, Hook Em Horns!


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