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Thursday, March 16, 2006

One of the best times of the year

I always grew up watching sports, NCAA Tournament included, however the Tournament gained extra meaning once I got to college. During Junior High and High School it was pretty much impossible to follow the early rounds of the tournament at school, pre-cell phone days. But one of the best memories I have is when I first realized how much fun this all day basketball thing is. My freshman year at Michigan I lived up at Bursley Hall, no I was not an engineer and no I do not know why I was stuck up there, but anyways, I remember sitting there, skipping class watching Mike Miller of Florida hit the game winning shot against Butler and I realized how the first two days of the tournament were so great and important. Since I started college however, Michigan has yet to make the tourney so it is always a bittersweet time for me. I just can't imagine how I will feel watching when Michigan finally gets back in the tourney.

Anyways, RBUAS has his entire bracket picks up and although I would like to do something like that I just don't have the time to do so, so here are my upsets and Final Four picks in this tournament.

Atlanta: Southern Illinois over West Virginia and Iowa to the Sweet 16, Final Four pick: Texas

Oakland: San Diego State over Indiana, Alabama over Marquette and Bucknell over Arkansas. Final Four: UCLA

Washington D.C.: Utah St over Washington, Seton Hall over Witchita State, UAB over Kentucky. Final Four: UConn

Minneapolis: Wisconsin over Arizona, Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Oklahoma and Georgetown over Ohio State in the 2nd round to the Sweet 16. Final Four: Boston College over Florida.

Heading to Vegas tonight, coming back late Saturday, wish me luck.

Before I head out wanted to mention the Pool 1 winning Korea baseball team. Another great game last night and the crowd was great. Although the baseball knowledge isn't completely there yet, any sign of contact would elicit a loud cheer even if it was a routine fly ball or a grounder hit to the shortstop, but the crowd cheered the whole time and loud. There definitely was a home field advantage for Korea and it was great to see. Although it's been a great run I think it ends here. The U.S. should win today against Mexico with Clemens on the mound and when it gets to the semis, since they already lost to Korea the U.S. team will be ready. But it is a single game so anything can happen.


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