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Monday, March 13, 2006

Bubble Burst

Can't say that I'm surprised that we didn't make it, we had chances to get it done and get in but it just didn't happen. The surprising thing was a horrible Air Force team making it, it's one thing if Florida State or Cincinnati got in but the growing trend of giving more mid-majors bids is just ridiculous. It's one thing if they are playing tough schedules but you look at them and they're not. I couldn't believe I was agreeing with Jim Nantz and Billy Packer but I was, these teams are playing no one and getting in while the committee is telling the power conference schools you have to play a tough non-conference schedule before you hit your conference schedule, unbelievable, and you wonder why everyone thinks the NCAA is run by a bunch of idiots. Like I said, it's not the fact that we didn't get in that upsets me, I was expecting the worst after we lost last Thursday, it's the fact that these undeserving mid-majors got in ahead of the bubble teams from the power conferences.

Although I was very disappointed about not making it, I guess the positive is we're the #1 seed in the NIT brackets. As bad as this season has turned out, this team should win this tournament and we can at least throw up another banner, albeit one that no one will really care about. The other positive from yesterday was Korea's 2-1 win over Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. I said it last week but if you're not watching these games you're missing out.

Continuing on with the hip-hop post I had on Friday, I watched Dave Chappelle's Block Party on
Saturday night and I must say it was dope as hell. Now it's not a Chappelle comedy like most will expect it's more based on the concert that was thrown and it was really good. Watching that made me remember all the great stuff that's been sitting in my CD case that I need to bring back since I've been getting sucked into the garbage on the radio. Especially when Dead Prez performed their song about their songs that don't get radio play. I hadn't listened to Dead Prez in a long time so I forgot how good they are.

Another good artist I found recently was Mr. Lif. Funny story how I found him cause I remember a friend of mine buying his CD a year or two ago and while I was bored a few weeks back I found his artist page on myspace and ended up listening to all the tracks on his site which were dope. I tried to find the CD it was from but no store had it so I ended up getting it on Ebay and since it came in the mail on Friday that's all I've been listening to. Definitely recommended.
Also if you're into old school Motown pick up the Four Tops - Ultimate Collection, a great CD as well.


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