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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How the hell did that happen?

Came home from a disappointing LA Kings game which they lost 6-2 to Phoenix and the Lakers lost to Sacramento to drop to the #8 spot in the playoff race but my mood comletely changed when I got home. I picked up the mail and I see a large envelope from the University of Michigan. My brother Steven who has been studying at a JC the past two years send out his applications a few months back and lo and behold he has accepted to the University of Michigan. I have always given my brother a hard time when it comes to schoolwork because he's always just gotten by. He does just enough to get by when he can do better, he thinks I'm picking on him but it's because I know he can do better. Great job Steven, we're all very proud of you, now just stop being so damn lazy! It was funny after it happened the people I talked to who mentioned they weren't sure who would be more excited me or my brother. Earl said he was disgusted to hear because now he knows any type of USC propoganda he tries to throw Steven's way will fall onto deaf ears, not that it was actually working before hand.

Heading to the baseball game tonight and looking at tickets now it looks like it's getting close to capacity. Should be an exciting one as Korea can outright clinch with a victory while Japan is still fighting to stay alive. If Japan wins with scoring 7 or fewer runs in a regulation 9 inning game then the US will be eliminated and these two teams would then rematch again on Saturday for the right to play the winner of the Dominican Republic - Cuba/Puerto Rico game for the championship.

UTEP just housed Lipscomb to advance and now they will face Michigan in the NIT tomorrow night. Vanderbilt is playing at Notre Dame and the winners of the two games will meet in the next round. It's sad that I have to be following the NIT like this but I am Michigan through and through and will always follow them no matter how bad it is. It's just a part of me, my loyalty to my friends and my teams and I'll never give it up. Heading to Vegas tomorrow, it's gonna be on. Once again, Congratulations Steven, keep up the good work.


  • Ahahah... I love how you titled this entry about Stevo getting into Mich as "How the hell did that happen?" But seriously, congrats Steven. I couldn't be happier for you... in my pants.

    By Blogger iWonjusobad, at 8:56 PM  

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