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Monday, March 06, 2006

Random Updates

Forgot to mention in the Lakers post earlier that Jim Jackson has signed with the Lakers. In a very good move the Lakers have signed him to a pro-rated portion of the half of the mid level exemption the team has left over after only using the other half to sign Aaron McKie. Stanislav "the Black Hole" Medvedenko's career with the Lakers has now come to an end due to this deal. Medvedenko never did much except shoot the ball a lot so it's not like I'll be sad to see him go. This is a very low risk move that could help the team out so I'm definitely happy to see it happen, even if Jackson is a Bucknut. Not sure when he'll suit up but I doubt he'll play tonight.

There were a couple of other great sports moments from this weekend. Starting off with the North Carolina - Duke game on Saturday night. I didn't expect Carolina to get it done on the road but that's why it's the rivalry that it is. Hansborough played a great game finishing with 27 points and 10 boards and it's scary to think he's just a freshman. Just imagine what Carolina will do next year when they load up with what is considered either the #1 or 2 incoming freshman class in the country with 3 of the top 13 players overall, according to Rivals.

Those who know me, know I can't stand Duke so this week was a great week from that standpoint as they lost both games they played and fell from #1 to #3 in the latest polls. It was especially great to see JJ Redick and that "superstar" class that came into Duke 4 years ago lose their last game at home.

Finally the night ended extremely late as I stayed up to watch the Korea-Japan game for the World Baseball Classic, a game which started at 1 am. It was a great game that I ended up not finishing until the next morning. Baseball is just a sport that cannot be watched that late at night. The Joe Calzaghe - Jeff Lacy fight that took place in Manchester, England on Saturday was done at 3 am local time so they could get the American viewing audience. Boxing gets your blood flowing and you get pumped up watching two guys fight, baseball is just too damn slow to watch at that hour. I tried to stay up for the entire thing but just couldn't do it. The 7th inning had just ended and Japan was leading Korea 2-1 and as much as I tried to stay awake I knew I wouldn't be able to so I ended up Tivoing the rest of the game and crashed past 3 am. I woke up in the morning to turn on the TV and watch the ending and what an ending it was. Korea hit a 2 run home run in the top of the 8th to take a 3-2 lead and then finished it off and Korea had won Pool A in the WBC.

I know most people aren't too into the World Baseball Classic but I've had a good time watching it so far and will continue to catch whatever games I can. I guess it's just my continual fascination with things that only happen every 4 years so I know the times I can watch them are limited. Just like when growing up I collected a bunch of sports memorabilia that is pretty much worthless today because I convinced myself to buy it since it was "Limited Edition" and my dad tried to convince me that it would be useless, damn am I sad to say he was right. Those basketball cards that I have numbered out of 10,000 are not even worth the paper they're printed on. Hell I just bought a Kobe Bryant Poker Chip from the new topps set on Ebay because it was a refractor and numbered out of 199, at least there's some limit to those but still I am a sucker for the limited edition sports collectible, and likewise I am a sucker to watch all these sporting events no one really cares about just because they happen every 4 years, two of which took/are taking place this year, the Winter Olympics and the WBC, at least the World Cup is this year as well.


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