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Friday, March 10, 2006

Berkeley : Girls :: Popular Hip-Hop : Rappers

Definitely not as dope as he thinks he is

First off, shout out goes to my boy Mike who just got accepted to the Anderson School of Business for his MBA at UCLA, told you there was nothing to worry about. Now onto the reason for the title which actually came from an IM conversation I had with Mike earlier today. We were discussing how hip-hop today is pretty bad and how he was listening to some old Jay-Z songs and realized that his taste in music wasn't changing it was just the music was bad that he wasn't listening to it as much anymore. While I on the other hand have still been listening but have been getting average to mediocre songs shoved down my throat by the radio and started liking them so my standards were dropping as well. Both of these show that hip-hop today isn't good and there's just no one out there to change it, for now. The other side of it as well is the rappers that think they're the shit today but are actually terrible. Those thoughts came from when Jadakiss was on the shop and they asked him about the state of the rap game today and what all these rappers would be doing if BIG was still alive and he said "would you like fries with that?" Referring to the fact that these so called rap stars would be working at fast food joints.

Well then, what does all this have to do with Berkeley Girls? It's very similar with what's known as the Berkeley effect on girls that end up going to school there. Most people know that the attractiveness of a female student population is usually the inverse of the education factor meaning hotter girls go to not so great academic institutions while more average looking girls end up going to much tougher academic schools. Since Berkeley is considered the #1 public school in the nation, this definitely applies.

My friend Mike went to Berkeley and I've heard many stories from others about the Berkeley effect on girls. These girls end up going to Berkeley and because the "talent" pool there isn't as great every girl is pretty much bumped up a notch on desirability since there aren't many great looking girls there. So after being considered a notch or two higher than they really are these girls develop an attitude that they're all that when they're actually not. Just like these current rappers think they're so good but in reality they're terrible. The other part is where the guys think that these girls are better looking when they're not. So it's just like my listening to current popular rappers and thinking they're pretty good when they are not. Back in the day when I was listening to Pac, Big, Wu-Tang and Gangstarr on the regular I would've never wasted my time with all the garbage that's on the radio but that shit is getting to me now. It's something I gotta stop so I've been listening mostly to my CD's now so I don't continue to be bombarded by these mediocre songs and then convincing myself or getting convinced that it's great music.

Nothing else to talk about regarding Michigan basketball considering we're just in a wait and hope position. According to ESPN's Bubble watch, we need both Bucknell and San Diego State to win their conference tourneys to get in, while Joe Lunardi still has us in his last four while pretty much everyone else has us as out. Just gotta wait for the Selection show on Sunday now.


  • It's just Berkeley, man. Though it's got nothing on UGA, UVA has incredible "talent," and it's usually tied for #1 public school with Cal.

    By Blogger Ian, at 8:44 AM  

  • Well in general it's true, not saying it has to be a super top notch school but Michigan falls in the same category, the talent there wasn't that great either.

    By Blogger Kenny, at 2:01 PM  

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