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Westsider Rider

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well there goes that

With the upsets occurring across the country, this was a game we needed to allow us to definitely punch our ticket to the dance and of course we blew it. Just as they say it's difficult to beat a team 3 times in a season it was and I just listened to the game on the radio since I'm still at work but damn was that painful. I didn't actually watch the game so I can't really describe much but I feel like this team is like my other favorite basketball team the Lakers. Whenever we've had a big game such as Illinois or Michigan State (Pistons, Spurs for the Lakers) the team comes out fired out and seems to give much more effort and energy than in the case of when they play a bad team Purdue, Minnesota (Portland and Atlanta). It's one thing when the Lakers did it when they were good because we knew regardless that they were going to win the championship, but it's another for the current Lakers teams to do it when every game counts as they're fighting for a playoff spot. Same thing with the Michigan team today, it was a must win game considering the situation they're in and they go out and blow it, just awful. I'm gonna stop now before I go off. Maybe this senior class will be able to say they won 2 NIT championships.


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