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Westsider Rider

Monday, March 13, 2006

Of course, once again a blown Sunday game

I hate these white jerseys.

Pretty ironic for someone like me that has 60+ jerseys in his collection to say such a thing, especially about a jersey that I own but there's no other explanation why the Lakers play so fucking poorly on Sundays and against inferior opponents. The Lakers lost another game on Sunday to a team they shouldn't in these terrible white jerseys. Yes they look cool, yes I own one but these are the Los Angeles Lakers, they should not be subjected to wearing alternate jerseys. It was a strange sight when I went to the Lakers-Celtics game a few weeks back as they both wore alternate jerseys and that just shouldn't happen. There should be an exemption for those two teams to never have to wear alternate jerseys. The Lakers are now 3-6 in Sunday home games, it has to be the jerseys, throw that in with most of these games being against bad teams it's a recipe for disaster as the Lakers don't seem to take anyone not in playoff contention seriously so they don't show up and get beaten by them. Gold jerseys only!


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