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Monday, March 20, 2006

Can't be all good

Back from Vegas where it started out great and then just went downhill from there. Started out hot on the tables and on sports betting but just couldn't keep it up so I ended up a good sized loser on the weekend. Highlights included watching the Northwestern State-Iowa game live and seeing the buzzer beater and also the Georgetown player who slammed home the dunk at the end of the game to cover for the Hoyas.

Due to the run at the beginning I had, I was considering changing my flight from LAX to San Diego on Saturday night to get to the baseball game but fortunately, it turned out, the tickets to the game were impossible to get and would end up costing more than my flight so I passed. I figured the game would turn out that way considering it's difficult to beat the same team 3 times in a row, much less a team that is your rival.

The Lakers lost two games which I wasn't able to watch since the only thing that was on in Vegas was the NCAA tournament and they head to Boston tonight for a 2nd night of a road back to back which we are just dreadful in, I expect another L here. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Finally out to Michigan where there's a lot of news coming out as Spring Practice has just started, the NIT continues and NCAA Hockey selection has taken place. The bad news out of the spring is Antonio Bass is hurt, if there's one place we could afford an injury WR was it but it's been reported he was going to play a lot of QB which would have been interesting. I am hopeful he will be back but some are saying he could be RS this season.

Out at Crisler tonight is a rematch of an earlier game between Michigan and Notre Dame in the NIT. We pulled out a close win in the first game on the road but we're at home tonight where we usually play much better. Here's to taking another step back to MSG. The hockey pairings came out last night and it's a tough one as the Wolverines are playing in North Dakota and play the first round as the #3 seed against the 2nd seeded North Dakota Fighting Sioux. If we are fortunate to move on the #1 seed Minnesota Golden Gophers will await so it's definitely not an easy road.


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