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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

At least we're still alive

It's been hard to get up for this run of the NIT since this years squad is a veteran team that should have made a run in the NCAA's. Two years ago these guys were still sophomores so the thinking was a good NIT run could help them for the next two years and those just came and went. Don't get me wrong, I was extremely excited to hear that Dion drained that 3 at the buzzer but it's just not the same as doing it in the tourney. I'm still rooting for this team to win the whole thing and put another banner up in Crisler though. The road to MSG continues tomorrow with a rematch with Miami, the second consecutive game which we'll play a team we already played earlier in the season, not sure if the NIT looked into that at all.

The World Baseball Classic finished up last night and I've got to say that it was bullshit. The entire structure of the tournament is all fucked up and changes must be made the next time this takes place. First off international umpires must be brought in to ensure fair calls and no ump should be working a game which his country is playing in. Second they need to change the format of the semi's and finals. It was ridiculous to see Japan 3-3 beating a 6-0 Korea team in one game and moving on after already having played each other twice in the previous two pools. Regardless if you keep it one game, or a double elimination as I propose, there needs to be playing between the two pools. Pool 1 winner should have played Pool 2 Runner Up and Pool 2 Winner play Pool 1 Runner Up if it is kept as single elimination. Considering the teams have already played 6 games to get to that point I would have rather seen a double elimination pool just like they use in the College World Series.


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