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Thursday, January 12, 2006

What the hell?

After being excited most of yesterday as rumblings became louder and louder regarding Jim Herrmann's departure of course something had to bring me back down. The downer being the pathetic Lakers performance in a 113-103 loss to Portland last night. Kobe who has been on a tear fell in love with the 3 ball again last night except he was off, way off to the tune of 3 out of 13 from behind the arc. He settled for 3's too many times and has been getting away with it because he's been on fire but he has to realize when he's got off nights from three and drive or take it to his mid-range game.

But the worst part of it was the lack of defense from the Lakers. Portland had yet to score 100 points at home so far this year until last night when the Lakers allowed them 113. Juan Dixon went for 27 and Steve Blake for 19, this was not an ACC game for Maryland over Clemson this is the NBA, I cannot remember the last time either of those players did that it was ridiculous. Also getting 21 from the Nanny Stopper, Ruben Patterson didn't hurt either. There was some good news on the Laker front though, Ronny Turiaf was at the game after Mitch Kupchak went up to Yakima, Washington to see him play for his CBA team. He has progressed very well and it looks like there is a very good chance that he will be signed and ready to play for the Lakers this season. Great news for Ronny as he is progressing nicely and just as good news for the team who could use a down low banger who will do the dirty work as Turiaf does. Where would the roster spot come from though? I'd probably have to say it would be Devin Green, who I was glad he made the team but someone's gotta go and he's definitely contributing the least to the team at the moment. Adding Turiaf would give us more depth up front along with Mihm and Brown and Bynum so it would definitely be a welcome addition. I hope this deal gets done soon and we can see Ronny in the Forum Blue and Gold. Also going again tonight to Staples to catch the Lakers take on LeBron and the Cavs, hope we can see another great Kobe performance and get him back to 45+ and start a new streak.


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