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Thursday, January 05, 2006

You just can't stop him

That game last night was so ridiculous I still can't believe it. Considering how much the media hyped this game up it lived up to it and more. Hats off to Vince Young and the rest of the Texas Longhorns as they played an unbelievable game to win the National Championship. Thank you for shutting these "fans" of USC up and leaving them nothing to say or do but to hop off the bandwagon and go back to wherever they came from, probably just waiting for the next bandwagon to hop on. I love this picture of the team celebrating after the game because that's what it was like at my house when that clock ran out.
Well enough about that and to the game itself. Vince Young is unbelievable and that about sums it up, I couldn't think of enough things to say about him. He singlehandedly won this game for Texas. His accuracy passing along with his running just makes him a matchup problem for anyone that faces him. Yes the delivery may be a bit akward but it gets the job done. As much it was reported he was leaning towards staying I think this game just definitely catapulted him into the top 10 of the draft and he will be leaving. I bet Ryan Perriloux wishes he stuck with his commitment to Texas now since he could have been next in line there, I guess Jevan Snead will get a shot when he comes in next year. The D played ok, they slowed down USC when they had to on that last drive which I didn't think they would be able to do considering the success of SC to just pound the ball with Lendale White in the second half. The other thing with this game was it finally gave me some closure on the 2005 Rose Bowl because Vince Young is just ridiculous, I couldn't appreciate it at the time last year because I was so mad at our defense being ripped to shreds but no one could stop him and that makes me feel a little better, hey we only gave up 192 yards to him rushing unlike the 200 SC did.

Man those SC guys dish out some mean stiff arms, time and time again whether it was White or Jarrett or anyone on that team seemed to use the stiff arm effectively. SC could have ended that game with the potential INT that the DB did not even try to attempt to pick off on that last drive and none of the other excuses would have mattered. Yes Vince's knee was down but you know what use a timeout to get them to look at it Coach Carr had to do it twice in the Alamo Bowl so you'll get no sympathy from me regarding that. The other thing is the 4th and 2 run was the right call. It would have essentially ended the game and Coach Carroll did the right thing there. You do not want to willingly give that ball back to Vince Young with all that time on the clock and timeouts as well. The play probably would have worked if not for Michael Huff not following the play and calling his own audible, just a great stand by the Texas D.

Also, I love what Carroll did on that last drive staying aggressive on D instead of dropping back into a passive zone like Michigan would have in the same situation. They brought pressure from the corners which worked for a few plays since they hadn't done it much of the game. The problem was after the first time, the CB showed the blitz too early so the RB was easily able to pick it up.

It was an unbelievable game to watch, especially since we finally fixed our HD system and I can't say enough about Vince Young. The guy is just amazing. I wonder how his release will translate to the next level but I'm in the camp that he's further along than Michael Vick so he could be ready to contribute in the L sooner than he did. Young's passing accuracy is much better than Vick, although we will have to see if he can run free as he did in college. Once again congratulations Texas on a great game and a great season. It's sad to see the football season end but the next one will be right around the corner, just hopefully with a better showing by Michigan. I'll have my final poll up tomorrow along with some other stuff.

Get your party on Vince, you deserve it.


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