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Monday, January 09, 2006

Keep Em Coming

Welcome to Michigan, Jai Eugene, in a somewhat unexpected decision he has decided to become a Michigan Wolverine. This is our second upset win in a recruiting battle for a player from the south which is very unexpected for a team coming off a 7-5 season, especially at a position in need. It's funny how we won back to back Big Ten titles and CB was a definite position of need and we struck out on Justin King, Darrin Walls and Victor Harris and now we finally pick up a big time corner with a bad season. Eugene will bring his much needed skills to play immediately in Ann Arbor as Grant Mason is graduating at one corner spot and Leon Hall is a senior this upcoming season. I expect Eugene to get some playing time in and can't wait to see him in action along with the two Cali sleepers we picked up Johnny Sears and Chris Richards.

For the past few years we've pretty much picked up the kids that we were supposed to and missed on the ones we expected to miss, there haven't been that many surprises and if so they weren't of the A. big time recruit, and especially not B. from a region in the country where its very difficult to pull players from. So this recruiting year has actually got me much more excited about recruiting than the past few years have. It's brought back that feeling when I initially got hooked to recruiting as we had to battle hard to get Lamarr Woodley and survive the scare that Ohio State put in us for Marlin Jackson. Eugene makes it the 4th player from the south we're getting, 3rd that is in the top 100 which is just crazy, well Eugene is the #12 CB according to Rivals and in the top 250 while he is the #1 CB according to Scout. Carlos Brown is enrolled as well so hopefully we can close with Mouton and Young and then anything else would be gravy.


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