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Friday, January 06, 2006

Fired? Demoted? Promoted? Resigning?

Tons of rumors floating around regarding coaching changes for this upcoming season, M Go Blog has their recap here. I've heard Coach Carr is retiring or being fired, Coach Hermann is being demoted or resigning, Coach Loeffler is being promoted as is Coach English, there are so many things out there I don't know what to believe. All I know is hopefully it's change that is coming that will help our program. We'll see how it all goes down within the next month or two. Also great news on the Carlos Brown front, some were worried that Georgia would get him by signing day but, he's already enrolled at Michigan. Not as good for Marques Slocum who was supposed to be enrolled this term after going to prep school, he hasn't received his test scores back yet so we do not know what will happen with him, hopefully he makes it, we could definitely use him.

Basketball team had a tough loss to Indiana the other day, they played sloppy as usual, I got to watch it thanks to ESPN's free Full Court preview online. Too many turnovers, too many forced/bad shots and not getting to the line enough, all part of the equation for a loss. I didn't expect to win in Bloomington. Lester is hurt again day to day with a toe but hope he can get healthy soon if we give him some rest. Brent Petway is back as well, need to give him a game or two to get back into it, glad to have him back.

Heading to the Lakers game tonight against Philly, excited to see Kobe versus AI. Kobe should be real fired up coming back from his suspension I expect a big game out of him tonight. The Lakers are not playing very well right now and Kobe's return should help them snap out of it. Nothing else really planned for the weekend, just gettin ready for Mexico next week, that's gonna be a wild trip.


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