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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Changes coming soon?

More details are slowly coming out of the Fort and it is definitely good news for Michigan fans. Jim Herrmann is expected to be leaving for an assistant coaching job in the NFL. Along with this move the rumblings are that DB Coach Ron English will be getting the promotion to become the Defensive Coordinator. It has been said that he prefers a more aggressive defense as opposed to the weak soft zone that has become common for Michigan the past few years, which is all I can ask for. Big plays will happen but the pressure will constantly be on the offense as opposed to allowing the QB to sit back forever and pick apart the secondary. I am definitely looking forward to these new schemes next year and am hopeful that we can bring back the defense to where it used to be.

Not only there but there is talk on the offensive end that Coach Malone will be demoted and the new Offensive Coordinator job will be split between Loeffler and DeBord. Not sure exactly how true this is because all the talk has been about the defensive end but we will have to wait and see. All the talk of spreading the ball out to our playmakers never happened this year and it was disappointing. Part of it had to do with Hart not being in so the opposing defenses didn't have to stack the box to stop him but at the same time we just didn't get the ball on slants and over the middle to our stud WR's. With a healthy Hart, an improved Grady and a new speed back in Carlos Brown we should be able to run the ball effectively to open our passing game which will hopefully include getting the ball to our guys in open space which we have not been able to do for a while. We will also need one of the other big WR's whether it is Savoy or Mathews to be able to get some jump balls as well. This team has the talent to do some things which is what makes it more frustrating when we have such a bad year, hopefully these rumored coaching changes will kick start us back onto the right path.


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