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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As if I didn't need anymore fuel for the fire...

Picked this one up from Bruins Nation which links to the site that made it onepeat.com. Not sure if it's a LSU fan, a Texas fan, maybe UCLA or just another person that really hates USC like I do, it's pretty funny I thought, definitely not going to happen though. Whoever is running that site is trying to get $10,000 so he can put that billboard up on a freeway out here. I would love to see the reactions if that thing went up but I know it can't be taken that seriously. As much as I hate U$C I do have to admit their run these past 4 seasons has been incredible, I'm not taking anything away from them I just hate their bandwagon fans and that encompasses the majority of their fan base, which includes students who said nothing about USC football 5-6 years ago only now to run their mouths, so that's why I am that happy that Texas won. Now onto the real reason for this post is to discuss the behavior of these USC "fans" post-Rose Bowl.

Before the game pretty much everyone and their mother, brother, sister, cousin, uncle was out sporting USC gear, definitely expected since 99% of these people just jumped on the bandwagon within the past year or two. After the game I can barely see anything, people who at the gym all wore USC gear, gone, people in the malls all gone, my brother who went to the mall the day after the game saw 1 person with a hat for 2 hours there, when in the same amount of time the day before it would've been 200 minimum. Now I know people aren't going to be glad when they lose but still support your damn team, if it really is your team. I was devastated after we lost to Ohio State this past season but that doesn't stop me from representing with my gear and my car. I saw a passenger on my flight back from Los Angeles not only still wearing all his gear, he was also singing the Victors right into the ear of a Buckeye.

Speaking of cars, I heard that USC "fans" were spotted taking off their license plate holders after the game. I mean I understand you lost but come on, to take off your license plate frame? Also today comes this great one from one of my friends on IM:
BruiNegro: dude, i saw this guy in a big red truck with usc plates

Now that's just too much, but it's true a small portion of what we've had to endure in Southern California as college football fans living in a bandwagon town. But I know it's not going to end soon because as long as Coach Carroll is around that team will still be pretty good, I can only hope the NFL team in LA comes sooner rather than later.

Update: Found another one like it.


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