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Friday, January 06, 2006

Post Bowl Poll

Here we go the final poll I'll put out until sometime in August, it was a very good bowl season, minus the Alamo and I'm definitely sad to see college football gone but it will be ok, it'll be back before we know it.

1. Texas - got the job done when they needed to, Vince Young you are my hero, congratulations.

2. USC - a great run they've had and probably will not be falling far next season, unfortunately.

3. Ohio State - Yes some will say Penn State beat them straight up but right now if they played I have no doubt that Ohio State would win, I just don't see Penn State being that great.

4. Penn State - barely won the battle of the shitty kickers, losing Robinson, Zemaitis and possibly Posluzny will hurt bad.

5. West Virginia - no one thought it could be done but the freshmen backfield of Slaton and White did it, major props to Coach Rodriguez for going for the fake punt.

6. LSU - absolutely crushed Miami when I thought playing Flynn would hurt them, don't you think Ryan Perriloux is regretting his decision a little bit now?

7. Virginia Tech - Ron New Mexico is a punk and is getting into even more trouble.

8. Alabama - great way to end the season, with the duck.

9. Georgia - almost made the big comeback, shitty way to end a career for DJ Shockley.

10. TCU - Horned Frogs are kicking themselves, SMU??

11. Notre Dame - still don't think they were that great, more of a media creation just like "OMG, USC is the greatest team ever!"

12. Florida- on the fortunate end of a bad call, Meyer is reloading with a ridiculous recruiting class.

13. Auburn - last thing I expected was for them to get owned like that.

14. UCLA - 10 wins but 2 losses by a combined 85 points and the D won't get any better after losing Havner and London and the O can't get much better losing Olson and Drew.

15. Wisconsin - impressive win to send Coach Alvarez out with a W.

16. Oregon - wasn't sold on them before the Holiday Bowl and definitely not afterwards, continued the curse of the flat team that got left out by the BCS.

Update: Ron New Mexico aka Mini-Vick aka Marcus Vick is done, what a moron.


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