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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just another day, another 45 points

Kobe Bryant continued on his tear going for 45 points again last night in a win over the Indiana Pacers. He should have had more but he missed a lot of Free Throws which normally doesn't happen. It was a pretty tight game throughout as Indiana jumped out to an early lead but it was just back and forth throughout. We thought the Lakers had wrapped it up with a 7 point lead with a few minutes to play only to allow Indiana a 7-0 run to tie the game back up. But luckily in the end the Lakers pulled it out with the clutch 3 by Lamar Odom and also the circus hanging in the lane And 1 that Kobe pulled off as well. The Lakers have no won 3 in a row since Kobe has come back after losing 5 straight before then. They get today off before heading to Portland on Wednesday followed by the home game against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I wonder how long he'll be able to keep this pace up because at some point he is going to be exhausted considering he is carrying the entire team on his back.

Can you believe they tried to get Fred Jones to guard me?

The other good things about the game included Kobe's sick move which broke Fred Jones ankles and also Andrew Bynum playing and matching his career high of 6 points. When he was drafted he took a shot at Shaq saying that at least he could make his free throws but he's only made 5 of 15 on the year, very Shaq-like numbers at the line. He has looked decent in his limited playing time but it will still be another couple years before we can see if the gamble that Mitch Kupchak made was the right one.


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