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Friday, January 13, 2006

Sorry Bron, you just ain't there yet

Sorry LeBron, you can't stop him either

Damn, what a game that was last night at Staples Center with the Lakers getting the 99-98 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a close game throughout as neither team was able to build up a big lead. There were highlights on both ends with LeBron getting two monster jams, including one right before the end of the half and Kobe with his driving layup as well as the last two jumpers which ended up winning the game. The atmosphere definitely did not feel like just another regular season game, there was a buzz that hasn't been there even for opening night when I was there.

The win brings me back to 2-2 this season although it did look in doubt when Kobe did not play a large part of the 2nd half due to his sprained wrist. You could tell as soon as he got hit on the screen that it was bothering him as he was holding it every chance he could get. Thankfully the team held tough while Kobe was out and kept it close so Kobe could take it at the end in crunch time. The last two jumpers he hit were just so clutch, the last one was just ridiculous too as he was being double teamed when he shot.

LB: Yo, check out that girl in the 3rd row. KB: You know I don't mess with them white girls anymore.

Other random thing that happened at the game was as I was comin back from the bathroom to my seat, I saw Freddy Adu, well I was sort of drunk but I'm 90% sure it was Freddy Adu and he was hollerin at this young looking white girl so it probably was him. It was a pretty funny looking sight as he was talkin to this girl and he's got two taller guys who like like they're his boys just standing there while he's spittin his game.

Well the time is finally here the trip to Mexico me and my friends have all been waiting for. I don't know if I'll make it back in one piece, or even if I'll make it back. Hope I can have some funny shit to tell when I get back, or maybe I'll probably be recovering from such a drunken haze that I won't remember a thing that happened, after hearing stories of previous Mexico trips I'm laying 2-1 it's the latter. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I know I will.


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