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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The New Year is Here

This new year's felt really weird not having an overflow of my friends from Michigan at my house getting ready for a Rose Bowl which really sucked. The past two years, even though we lost, I spent the day at the Rose Bowl which were by far my two best new years ever, the day we finally win one it will be my best. Didn't really do much, went to Tennessee Jeff's apartment and hung out and drank but not that much because of all the family stuff we had to do on New Years Day.

Didn't watch much of any games since I was out and then at night went over to Mike's place for his family and friends get together where my brother and I took the poker table over and we're probably not invited for their poker game anymore. Yesterday woke up late and watched the 2nd halves of the Gator and Citrus (Capital One) Bowl. That pick six that the LB for Virginia Tech was pretty sick and I couldn't believe Auburn got handled like that by Wisconsin, I thought the 10,11 points was too high of a spread but I didn't expect them to win. Gotta cut this post short because the Michigan-Indiana basketball game is online for free thanks to the espn full court preview week. Hopefully we can pick up our first win in Bloomington since the end of the Fab Five era. Go Blue!


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