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Friday, December 30, 2005

That's what happens to me when we lose

Earl says I'm "on edge" this morning as I talked with him on IM after I bantered back and forth with him and some other people on our Fantasy basketball message board this morning. I guess that's what takes place when I become bitter due to our inadequacies as a football team, and I don't even play on this team. When I played I was always extremely emotional about what had happened and I guess it's just carried over.

So while I'll have some other year end stuff I'll discuss later in the afternoon since we don't have too much work, come on cross your fingers I might not have to work tomorrow then, I'm going to discuss an article I came across on Slate via EDSBS. This article is entitled "Trojan Farce - Why USC is overrated." Now this current SC team of 2005 is a very good team, there's no denying that, however to call them one of the greatest of all time before they've even played their bowl game is ludicrous. I've stated before that I think the previous two teams would definitely beat this team, I even had a conversation with another USC alum yesterday who would take the 2002 team ahead of them as well. I'm sure this is beating a dead horse but just to hear it from someone else is great to read especially when they mention things about 97 Michigan and 91 Washington which I believe would both have been extremely close games, not as one sided as that idiot Mark May and the Bucknut Kirk Herbstreit said. So it's good to see someone else notice that as well:

For instance, the ESPN crew discussed a hypothetical game between USC and
the 1997 Michigan Wolverines. That Michigan team had a spotty offense, but its defense was phenomenal, allowing less than nine points a game. The Wolverines had probably the best pass defense in college history, with 23 interceptions and just five touchdown passes allowed. It had Charles Woodson, who bucked history by winning the Heisman Trophy as a defensive player, along with three other future NFL cornerbacks. They held what was then the highest-scoring team in the history of the Pac 10 to 16 points.

What did ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit predict as the final score? 34-17, Trojans.
ESPN's Mark May? USC, 49-14. Will the reader please note that mediocre defenses
like Arizona State and Notre Dame held USC well below 49 points this year?

Can't forget LB's Ian Gold and Dhani Jones who are now in the NFL as well. And also:
My favorite, though, was the matchup with the 1991 Washington Huskies. That team outscored its opponents by a staggering average margin of 42-9. Herbstreit's conclusion? "There's no way that that defense could stop SC." May: "It wouldn't even be close."

In other college football last night Utah destroyed Georgia Tech, I'm still upset at myself I forgot to check the line again before the game cause I was so ready to take Utah on the ML and then Oregon continued the tradition of the Holiday Bowl by getting beat by a supposed inferior team because the higher ranked team was too pissed off about being screwed out of the BCS. This happened last year with Cal and a couple years ago with Texas as well. at least I got that bet in. Now the meat of the bowl games start and tomorrow's LSU-Miami game will still be good but without Jamarcus Russell so I'm taking the Canes tomorrow. As much as our bowl game sucked I'm still looking forward to the rest of bowl season, hopefully there'll be some good games to take my mind off this debacle of a season that was Michgian football and maybe our basketball team can help me out with that as well.


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