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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl Time

I wanted to post this picture of my brother and Earl, figured the time was right now and I think it's pretty funny, you should be able to tell which one my brother is.

After all the preseason talk starting in August and all the games through this fall we've come to this, the last game of the college football season for 2005. I really don't have much to add to all that's been said about this game, it's the one that most thought would happen with USC and Texas being ranked preseason #1 and 2 respectively. I had my dreams that Michigan could somehow get their way in but of course not our coaching won't allow us to do that. At first I really thought Texas would beat USC but that was my heart talking and not my head. I really don't know what will happen as most of us don't either. I know Texas has a much better shot that most in the media are giving them and if I really had to bet I would take the 7 or 8 points that the books are offering. Those who read this site semi-frequently or know me personally know that I hate USC and fake ass "fans" and all that so I won't get into it again, all I'd like to see is a good game, unlike last year's Orange Bowl and preferably with a Texas win. I would love to come home from work and actually have the game to mean something as opposed to last season when USC was already killing Oklahoma. So here's to a good game and hopefully a Texas victory.


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