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Friday, December 30, 2005

End of the Year

Damn, another year has come and gone, just doesn't feel right since the past two years all my friends from Michigan have been at my house for the Rose Bowl and I didn't have to cry myself to sleep until after the new year. I was planning on doing a good review on the stuff that I pay attention to the most sports and hip-hop/R&B but I just can't really think that far back to the beginning of the year so first I'll start with my top 3 albums of the year which for me, in the following order was: 1. The Game - The Documentary, 2. Common - Be, and 3. Chamillionaire - The Sound of Revenge. Those are the three that stand out to me right now so I'll go with that, don't feel like looking up what else dropped this year so I'll leave it at that.

Regarding some new music I picked up the Jamie Foxx and the Mary J. Blige CD's a week or two ago and I'd have to say the Jamie Foxx CD is very average, it's ok but I wouldn't recommend purchasing it, it has its moments but then other times just degenerates into different ways of saying "I wanna sex you up" music. The Mary J. Blige CD on the other hand is great and highly recommended. From start to finish it's a great CD that you can listen to and I'm sure most of you have heard the first single which is the jam.

UCLA just finished a wild game with Northwestern which we had to worry about covering the over, fortunately they did, the crazy part was Brandon Breazell returned two onside kicks for TD's. Missouri came back to beat South Carolina and now we're waiting on the Peach Bowl which was the non-BCS bowl I was looking most forward to watching but I'm here at work so I'll have to do with the DVR'd version.

I was going to go into my favorite sports moments of the year but I just can't think that far back right now and don't want to look up shit either so off the top of my head I will remember Vince Young running all over us, ND weekend with the boys back at Michigan, 4th of July weekend parties at our house, Super Mario Manningham's GW TD against Penn State while I was up north for that weekend, Ohio State weekend (even though we lost) as Steven woke up and found Rick's by himself, Mike Hart's performance against Michigan State, more parties at my house and Kobe's 62 in 3 quarters. There's a lot that I'm missing but this list will have to do.

Here's to a Happy and Healthy and Prosperous New Year for my friends, family and to you people who actually take the time to read what goes inside my crazy, sports obsessed mind. I'll be back next year.


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