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Thursday, December 29, 2005

So much running through my mind

I was about to completely melt down last night but I stopped to compose myself, step back, take a deep breath before I came back. In between I also just cried myself to sleep considering not only did we blow another 11 point lead to an inferior team, just gone 7-7 in the past 14 games, the only other positive that could've happened to me, the Lakers blew another game they shouldn't have, what is up with my teams and no defense, underachievers? Sure some may say I need to get another hobby, a girlfriend, maybe a whole new life, but I am what I am and I can't stop feeling this pain from a horrible Michigan football season.

Others will get into how horrible the officiating was, I only know second hand since I was at work the entire game, and how Tyler Ecker could have pitched to Steve Breaston and he could've scored, should not have even come down to that, but I'm not because this game was supposed to be over when we got the ball back with 10 mins to play with an 11 point lead and we could have nullified any of this complaining about those things. All I had read about coming into the game was "we worked on finishing games" whether it was on offense or defense I read the same shit and shame on me for actually believing it because if these years at Michigan have taught me anything, never believe anything the football coaches say will happen. Finish games? Didn't happen. Preseason offense saying we're going to spread the ball around? Nope. Defense much improved? Not really.

An interesting stat I read on one of the message boards is that we are now 7-7 in our last 14 games. 7-7, .500, sure that'd be great for the Lions but in college football for a program like ours that is completely unacceptable. I initially made the statement that Coach Carr was turning into Mack Brown and that Michigan was turning into the Texas of the Big 10 2 seasons ago after our loss to Iowa when we were up 20-10 and just blew a game that we shouldn't have. It was actually my away message for the weekend but then we won some games and made it to the Rose Bowl. However, that team was good enough to play for a national championship but we didn't. Chris Perry along with John Navarre as a senior, Braylon Edwards as a junior and we still lost 3 games. Then we went to the Rose Bowl again last year and lost again when we shouldn't have, if we could just contain a mobile QB for once but hey, we made the Rose Bowl and won the Big 10 for the 2nd year in ar ow everything is ok right? Definitely not. Then comes the disaster of this year, we were definitely overrated to start the year at #4 and anyone that followed Michigan closely knew that was the case but to fall this far? Oh yeah our coaches are still in place so there was no reason to believe we could actually meet expectations. We had another great chance in 2000, my sophomore year when we had 5 NFL picks in the top 35 selections, the entire offensive line was starting somewhere in the NFL on opening day the next year and somehow we managed to lose 3 games. I can't fault the road game to UCLA, although we should have won that one, since John Navarre had to play in place of an injured Henson but the losses to Northwestern and Purdue were just ridiculous. Once again another chapter of Michigan doing less with more.

The other question being posed is was 1997 worth it? One of my friends claims that 1997 was the worst thing that could have happened to us. We went undefeated, got screwed out of a full national championship so we've got half but that is what is keeping Coach Carr's job today. Coach Carr inherited a team of Coach Moeller's players and won a national championship which what his supporters point to when defending him, but we haven't even contended for a championship since then. Every year we blow a game in September, then we blow another one halfway through the year so at the very least LLLoyd if not LLLLoyd is becoming the norm considering we cannot win a bowl game ever, the only one we've one in the past 5 years is thanks to Ron Zook.

I feared halfway through the season that we were taking the fall like Penn State did a few years back and with a few wins that went away but it's back now. With our coaches and athletic department stuck in the past, not willing to make any changes we will be stuck in this crap for years to come. I've got two metaphors for how to look at this, one I read on one of the message boards somewhere a month or two ago where someone posted that Michigan was like an inbreeding family where they just kept on inbreeding (coaches always coming from within) and now you've got a fucked up kid which is what Michigan football is now. The other coming from my brother who said: "Watching Michigan Football, Is like Being a Parent And Watching Your Child, Stupidly fall down over and over again. Yet, patiently waiting for him to learn its lesson." Except that are still waiting for him to learn his lesson and we wonder if he ever will because he never wants to change.

I've still got so much running through my head, yes I know I have problems, but I can't put it down right now, I think I've covered most of what I want to, I'm sure I'll probably find some other shit to write later. On a brighter note at least there's basketball season as the team won again pushing our record to 9-1 and from EDSBS, at least in their eyes, we're the best 7-5 team ever!


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