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Monday, January 16, 2006

And we're back

After spending the weekend down in Mexico today's work day has just stunk, especially considering it is MLK Day and a lot of people don't have to work today as well. The trip went pretty good, the place we stayed at was dope as hell you look out the living room and the beach was right there. Harry made such good food though and so often that I couldn't drink as much as I had planned but we still went through quite a bit of alcohol. It sucked that we couldn't get there earlier on Friday since I had to work a while later than originally planned but it was a real nice drive going along the beach once we got into Mexico. The trip was definitely made complete after waiting to get through the border James got a Grim Reaper statue for $17 and we saw some guy that was cracked out, or definitely on something selling chiclets. Just headed straight home afterwards instead of hanging out in San Diego so we could catch the end of the Panthers and the Bears, good game and I'm definitely pulling for the Panthers to play the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

T. Kyle King wrote a post about how he wants to see a Michigan-Georgia home and home series started. That would be dope and I know I would make every effort possible to get to that game in Athens if it were to ever take place but unfortunately I don't see it ever happening. As long as we are tied to Notre Dame as our "marquee non-conference game" then it just won't happen. Maybe once the contract is up in 2011 or whenever it is we can revisit this but until then I won't hold my breath. Although I would like to see the traditional Michigan-Notre Dame game continued I don't want it at the expense of other big time out of conference games. Ideally you would have one big out of conference game and if you look at how Ohio State has done it that is the type of scheduling I'd like to see to bring new opponents to the table. After this home and home is finished with Texas, Ohio State will then take on USC the next two years and then after that will take on Miami. If you look at our old records you can see we used to schedule Miami and Florida State which I would love to start seeing again. We play ourselves out of the national championship race every September why not do it against other big name programs.

Michigan basketball has supposedly picked up a commitment from Anthony Wright, an undersized PF who plays at Oak Hill Academy. Haven't really heard much about him before this past week or two and I'm just going to trust the coaches on this one and hope it works out. The Bball team played another tough game at Illinois on Saturday, for some reason no matter how good they're supposed to be we always give the Illini a tough game and hopefully we can finally win one later in the year when they come to Crisler. So now back to under 500 in conference play but we should get back to 500 with the matchup against Northwestern at home on Wednesday.

Ned Colletti continues his wheeling and dealing as he picked up Danys Baez and Lance Carter from Tampa Bay for Edwin Jackson and another minor leaguer. I don't think this is a bad trade considering Jackson hasn't developed much the past couple years and his numbers just look awful from the minors. Baez brings in another setup/closer in case Gagne isn't ready to go at the beginning of the season and he could also help Gagne out when he pitches too much on consecutive days.


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