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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well at least we have a manager now

After the tumultuous offseason in the Dodger front office Grady Little has been hired to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers. I think it's a pretty good hire, can't really find that many problems with it, he was very successful with the Red Sox and almost took them to the World Series. The better news that I am continually hearing is the constant talk of the Dodgers being mentioned with every possible big name out there this offseason. From Manny to Soriano to Abreu to Zito, every time one of these big names is talked about being moved a potential destination is Los Angeles which is great to know. At least the front office is trying and maybe McCrook really is willing to spend the money to bring a winner to LA. If they bring in one of these big names maybe I'll help the cause by buying some stadium seats which I was unwilling to do earlier because I thought the money would go straight to the owner and not to the product on the field. At this rate I'll be glad to buy more $30 hats, as long as they're as dope looking as the Carolina Blue one I got a few months back.


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