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Friday, November 25, 2005

Slow Day

Friday after Thanksgiving and I'm at work but there's not much to do. Everyone gets 4 day weekends I get 1 day this weekend and I'm thankful for that, how sad is that? Hope everyone enjoys your 4 day weekend, bastards. I definitely needed a day off after all the work and traveling I did the past few weeks to recharge for this upcoming week since I will be at work all day on Saturday and Sunday and the rest of next week since the end of the month is here.

Spent Thanksgiving Day at my aunt's house and did the usual Thanksgiving meal there. The only difference is this year my cousin recently adopted a baby girl from China so there was an addition to the family. Me and my brother pretty much watched her as we were also watching the Backyard Brawl, Pittsburgh vs West Virginia on the side. The crazy part was she had so many toys, it was ridiculous. I don't remember having that many toys period while growing up and these were all pretty high tech, granted times have changed. My parents know I like taking care of little kids so, my mom especially, when they see me playing with kids always bring up the when are you getting married and then you can have your own kids. This has been getting louder and louder over the past year or so cause my mom probably wants something else to do besides play golf. Then my brother has a good time rubbing it in as well but that's definitely the last thing on my mind at this time. Hell I don't even have any prospects at this moment so there's no use in even bringing it up at this point. There is something behind this though, a few weeks ago my family went out to eat dinner at a restaurant where we are frequent customers. My mom started talking with the waitress who we have known for a while and then they get to talking about their kids and then the waitress' daughter is around my age so my mom gets all excited and starts talking about setting us up, which is definitely the last thing I would ever agree to. Anyways they keep talking and then my mom says "I heard she's really pretty" and I just shook my head in disapproval since I thought how many times do you think mom's have tried to pull that line on their sons? Of course, it's not like a mom will call their daughter or a friend's daughter ugly when describing them to someone else. Damn, I'm really bored to have brought that story out.

Anyways, working late again this weekend but I do have something to look forward to tomorrow. KEGGER!!! I'll probably have something else to write later but if not here's to showing up to work hungover on Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekends, all you that have 4 day weekends, you bastards.


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