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Monday, February 26, 2007

Turning the Corner?

I hope that's what's happening now with the Lakers as they have won back to back games they should have but the good part is they won convincingly as they should both games. Phil shook up the lineup by bringing Shammond Williams and Aaron McKie off the bench to play meaningful minutes and they both responded. It's good to see everyone contributing as both games everyone on the roster played. It also sends a message to the rest of the team that no one's job is safe. I knew Shammond could contribute to this team but he hadn't been given an opportunity until now. It's good too see these guys make the most of their chance and are taking advantage of it. Maurice Evans had a great game last night notching a career high 26 points along with his circus and one shot. With the injuries not healing it is necessary for everyone to contribute and they are. On the radio yesterday it was said that Kwame may be closer to returning than Luke which is disappointing to hear as Luke was only supposed to be out a week or so. We need both of them back for the stretch run to get back in the flow with everyone and Lamar needs to get it together as well. There are a lot of games to make up with the 6 game losing streak that just concluded so it's gotta start now, we've got 2, now to keep it going.

I can only dream that Michigan is doing the same after the win at Minnesota but knowing this team they are just getting my hopes up only to be crushed later this week when we play Michigan State and Ohio State. The tournament dream is still on life support but at least we've still got a chance. I know many have given up on this team and this coach but as long as that team has Michigan across its chest and Tommy Amaker is the coach of Michigan I will continue to support them. It's unfortunate that the two biggest home games of the season against our biggest rivals MSU and OSU are during Spring Break when most if not all the students are gone. So many times this happens and it sucks but when your spring break is at the end of February I guess you gotta deal with it. As much complaining is done about this team it's not like they're just going to lie down with the sparties and the bucknuts coming to town so let's see what this team is made of. Let's Go Blue and Let's Go Lakers!

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