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Friday, February 16, 2007

F*&^#%! Pathetic

That's what I have to say about last night's performance. Maybe the great start has blinded us to some very big problems this team has but they are there. As I stated before missing Luke Walton has hurt much more than any of us could have imagined. In addition the defensive rebounding is atrocious. I don't know of a team that allows more offensive rebounds than the Lakers do, especially in critical situations. It happened against San Antonio a couple weeks ago and then last night as LeBron missed his 2nd FT leaving it a 2 point game the Lakers allowed Anderson Varejao to out work them and get an offensive rebound which sealed the game. It is extremely frustrating to see this team lose like that because allowing offensive rebounds so consistently comes down to hustle. The other team is willing to hustle while the Lakers are waiting for the ball to come to them.

The other thing that was pathetic was the large exodus of "fans" when LeBron was shooting the FT's as the Cavs were still only up 1 with less than a minute to play. I've said before I get so disgusted when I see these people who have the prime seats at Staples leave early before the game is over and this takes the cake. I hate people who leave early even when the outcome is no longer in doubt but to leave when the game is still in the balance? Ridiculous. No wonder people hate LA fans so much because they pull crap like that.

The only positive of last night came before the game as my friend and I were walking around Staples and he was chosen to shoot the half-court shot at the end of the 3rd quarter for $155,000. Of course he missed terribly, he claims he tripped as he was shooting the ball but it was so bad even I started to boo him.

Scottie Pippen says he wants to play again, could this be the move the Lakers have been waiting to make? With Luke out for who knows how much longer and the fact that the Lakers have looked terrible without him, I wouldn't mind taking a flier on Scottie. He is old yes, but he is experienced in the triangle and with Phil, there were numerous rumblings back when he was with the Blazers that the Lakers wanted to bring him over so who knows, it wouldn't surprise me and with the way we're playing I'd welcome the move because we can't play any worse. Besides I want to see Phil stand up hold up the triangle and yell out Scottie!! just like Bernie Mac did the impression at the end of the Kings of Comedy.



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