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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last game was on me

Anytime this season I've posted what I expect out of the Lakers they've gone out and done the opposite. I said a 4-4 roadtrip at worst, they go out and lose the last three games. Then the other day I posted I expected two victories out of them before the All-Star break but then they blew the game against the Knicks. Not only does this make a 4 game losing streak but also a 3 game home losing streak which is absolutely unacceptable.

The chance for redemption is tonight against Cleveland. Good news is I will be there and I am so far undefeated on the year when attending Lakers games. Bad news is the way that we have been playing lately as Lamar is struggling to get back into the groove and we really miss Luke Walton, never thought I'd say that ever. Part of it probably also has to do with the road trip so hopefully an extra night of rest at home and then the all-star break will help out, although we know Kobe is playing in the game as well as Bynum and Farmar in the rookie game and Lamar will be out in Vegas for his new clothing line so who knows how much rest the team will get. Gotta turn it around, it starts tonight.



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